Sunday, February 17, 2013

The BHN 8-16 Project

1. Dollar store muffin tins. Check.
2. Dollar store slotted spoon. Check.
3. Heavy duty steel ladle. Check.
4. Votive candles and sawdust. Check.
5. Sn/Pb (50/50) solder. Check.
6. Outdoor propane stove w/fuel. Check.

So it seems that all I need is a stainless or cast iron pot* and I'm ready to process the 150+ pounds of mixed wheel weights I picked up on Thursday.**  I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Or at least the mephitis of burning plastic, oil, dog urine, and whatever other fetors a wheel weight accumulates in its short, grasping life.

UPDATE: I now find myself in possession of a nearly limitless number of 1/4 and 1/2 ounce steel ingots. I threw 150 or so into the brass tumbler and they came out looking pretty sweet.  I'm sure a few of them are going to start appearing in geocaches around this area.***  Any other ideas for what kinds of arts/crafts/science projects they might prove useful?

UPDATE II: The first sort is complete except for a dinner plate-sized pile of tiny weights.  Better than 75% (by weight)  of the subjects thus far have turned out to be lead, with a surprisingly small proportion (2% maybe) being made of zinc. The rest were steel.****  I ended up with a few pounds of soft lead (stick-on type) that the muzzleloader guys want, but not really enough to work with, so I'll box them up for now.  Next step: how much do we have to wash (and with what) to ensure that our melt does not smell like a meth lab on the edge of hell?

* "Don't even think about it.  In fact, don't even think about thinking about it." - Rogue
** I still need couple dozen donuts for the guys at the tire store whose continuing generosity is necessary to make the 8-16 BHN Project a success. There are a number of underhanded ways to make them want to sell primarily to me in this tight market.
*** I can see dropping a dozen or so into a felt marble bag for those who already have enough Las Vegas refrigerator magnets.
**** Or cleverly-disguised wheel stems, nails, and candy bar wrappers.

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