Friday, May 10, 2013

Buy Pies, Sell Slices

So anyway, the BHN 8-16 Project continues apace, and I hope to pour my first actual .38 Special boolits tomorrow or Sunday.*  In the meantime, and as I thought might be the case, the ebay reloading die project has taken on something of a life of its own.

I mentioned a few weeks ago my purchase of 100-some dies in a mixed lot, some of which I subsequently cleaned up and sold on ebay.  Six weeks and 200% of the original purchase price later, I'm developing something of a business out of it: buy dies in lots, clean them up and match them up, then sell the second-best** sets in each caliber for big monies to people who can't get ammo through regular channels. Well, not big monies really, just 3-4x what I bought them for.  Doing so has allowed me to purchase of all the equipment I need to complete the BHN 8-16 Project without consulting the lovely and gracious Rogue.*** And I still have around 70 dies of various calibers left with more on the way.

One of the bigger problems I faced had been figuring out how to rebuild the innards of the many damaged FL sizing/decapping dies that are available; however, with the arrival today of my RCBS micrometer and with the help of The Reload Bench, that problem is solved as well. I can now buy boxes of unmarked spare parts and use them to rebuild dies for savings or sale. After all, the 29% are going to require a lot of ammo. I don't mind being an arms dealer. I do not however, have anything related to plastic guns and certainly did not download the plans to print one, even for safekeeping.

All that said, now that the threat of snow seem to be past at last,**** I'll be putting in my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow morning before the boy needs Dad to help move furniture. #2 son is out, but #1 daughter, husband, and 2 grandsons just moved in temporarily as they transition from the Air Force to college. Never a dull moment at Casa d'El Borak.

* Since #2 son is moving out tomorrow and Dad is helping, Sunday looks more likely, so long as it doesn't rain. Again.
** the best of each caliber go in El B's collection.  He's got a Fourth Turning to prepare for.
*** though surely she wonders about the origination and financing of all this stuff that arrives in the mail, seemingly daily.
**** Drat that global warming