Monday, August 25, 2014

And I thought jelly season was over

Not blueberries
So anyway, I'm walking thru the back yard on Sunday when I smelled something.  Not in a 'check your shoe' way, but in the way that makes you stop and inhale to make sure it really smells as good as you thought the first time.

It did. 

The 100 degree week* has done amazing things to my Concord grapes. The whole freaking yard smelled like a jelly sandwich.  So I grabbed the scissors and fought the spiders** and a few wasps and managed to get, after sorting, about 8# of almost quarter-sized grapes, while leaving plenty for the birds.  So it looks like a big, fat batch of jelly tomorrow.  Maybe the last of the year for sure this time.

Except that the lovely and gracious Rogue, who has put away 5 cases of applesauce in the past week, just brought in another 10 gallons of fat, juicy apples that are dying to become jelly as well.

* About the only one we've had here this year, I'm happy to report.
** Spiders last about 5 minutes in the deep freeze.  I gave them 24 hours just so they knew I'd won.

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