Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coach Farrakhan mocks his own players

Looks more like number 2 to me
The Ministry of Truth gives his people the what for:
See I don't know about the store they say [St. Michael Brown] strong armed somebody and took some cigars but I know this, coming to Chicago ... when you live in the hood you don't control no economy so you have Arab store owners that don't give a damn about you and have no respect for you. You got Korean, you got Chinese, you got other people taking the money out but not giving a damn thing to this community. I imagine that blacks under those conditions suffer everyday.
While Breitbart TV titles this particular clip Farrakhan Attacks Arabs, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Whites in Ferguson Rant, it seems to me that the people he's picking on is blacks.

Imagine this scene if you will.  In a professional football locker room, a coach addresses his defense, which gave up 7 touchdowns in the first half on national television:
... when you play defense you don't control no ball, so you have running backs that don't give a damn about you and have no respect for you.  You got wide receivers, you got tight ends, you got other people running the ball on you and not giving a damn thing to your side. I imagine that defenders under those conditions suffer every play.
Who is the coach criticizing?  Is he really haterizing the opposing tackles for being too big, the backs for running too fast? If it's the former, then he is a laughingstock of a coach.  When a coach says those words, it ought to be obvious that it's the defense's job to stop the offense, not the offense's job to lay down for the defense.

Why don't Arab store owners give a damn about blacks?  Even better, where are the black store owners?  Where are the black entrepreneurs, the community men, the coaches and teachers?  Where are the men who renovate old buildings, who clean up the streets on behalf of their club and their people? Where are the Rotaries, the Odd Fellows and KoC, the Owls and the Elks? What happened to the Afro-American Sons and Daughters? Why aren't black-owned small businesses "taking the money" that's going into the hands of others?  Why aren't your DBs fast enough to cover the WRs, Coach?

The black man's problem is not the white man. It's not the Korean who sells him food or the Arab who sells him clothes or the Indian who sells him big gulps.  The black man's problem is coaches that excuse his failures, that make him feel good about his losses, that teach him to take pride in his thrashings.

With coaches like that, there's no need for scoreboards. Hell, there's not even any need to play the game.

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  1. Yeah, I saw the quote and what the press was saying and was confused. Being Farrakhan, I didn't think about it or dig deeper. Even if what he says, and it makes sense now that I take some time, is as you suggest... I don't think what he offers for options are better. I would rather they remain downtrodden then rise up against whitey. Heck, they are losing against latinos. And, yeah, with abortion and all else, they are wiping themselves out before arriving to the fight. Statistics phooey, they are a dying *species in America. We simply aren't being told the truth anymore, as if we ever were, completely.

    *From what Vox has indicated, and doing some side digging, I am more inclined to believe we are various species, not all one type. Sub-species at the least, if that is dubious.