Saturday, July 18, 2015

Three ugly sisters

The taters did fine
And other tales of Garden 2015.

So anyway, first harvest is in something of full swing, with the cukes replaced by green beans and the taters replaced by peppers and (maybe) carrots.  I'm also harvesting a bumper crop of mustard, coriander, and dill seeds.  Dried some sage this week, along with some peppermint and oregano*.

But I nuked The Three Sisters today.  The corn I harvested; what little the ants didn't get, anyway.  I didn't harvest the green bean, because he was so pathetic I could not bring myself to pluck him. The squash, which showed a world of promise as little as two weeks ago, is gone, utterly devoured by the world's largest outbreak of squash bugs.  So I reluctantly turned in my organic gardener card and nuked the bastards with Sevin dust.  If I get home at a reasonable hour tomorrow**, I'll rip the whole bed out, which will give me two empty beds in which to start the fall garden.  But I'm not sure what it's going to feature.

I know it's not going to be anything of the squash family. I don't eat squash and see no reason to feed my greatest insect foe***, even though such a crop will eventually provide the emotional satisfaction of poisoning them by the thousands.  It's probably not going to be more cukes or green beans, because the ones on the ladders are doing well enough that I won't need more.  That leaves three options: tomatoes, peppers, or a new planting of potatoes.

We had sirloin and boiled potatoes tonight, with enough of the latter left over to dice and fry for breakfast tomorrow.  With sunny side up farm eggs on top. Mmmmm. On second thought, I'm pretty sure I'll be planting potatoes.

* The lovely and gracious Rogue and I share a difference of opinion about how good said herbs smell.  So for now, I'm drying them in the man cave.
** have to drive to Ames, Iowa, for lunch. No foolies.
*** chiggers, my greatest foe, are technically arachnids.


  1. you know what the only meal better than steak and potatoes is?

    steak and steak.

  2. Chewing on the last of the leftover steak now. Steak and steak doesn't even need to be a meal. Which is saying something.

    It's turning out to be more difficult to quickly lay my hands on seed potatoes than I expected. What is with these "Oh, I only plant in the spring" gardeners? I'm starting to plant any time I see dirt.

    But I am going to try transplanting a few of my dozen container sage plants into almost pure sand on the north side of the house. Other than a Youtube note that sage thrives in poor soil*, there is no possible reason this experiment should work. So we'll see if this works. Because science.

    * what is it with the Greeks that everything they are famous for - grapes, olive, rosemary, sage - grows in poor soil? These bastages ought to still be ruling the earth instead of sucking Merkel's toes.