Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LOL @ her

I told the lovely and gracious Rogue, "Tonight we can salsa together."  She thought we were going dancing.



  1. I can't dance or can, but I might be fermenting some salsa, if I can get to it before the ingredients go bad. Not as good, or definitely long last, but it's what I can do. Uhrm, maybe. A wife would be good. Don't mind pitching in, but honestly, I can't do much or well, of domestics, solo. Hope you had fun. By the way, who says while things are sizzling you can't dance in the kitchen? Judiciously, mind you.

  2. You could shove the table into the living room and salsa while it salsas. lol

  3. We sauced and salsad until pretty close to midnight.