Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The other thing missing

Historical fiction
The Archdruid explains how the Climate Progress Revolutionaries wound up against the wall:
So the climate change movement entered the arena with one hand tied behind its back and the other hand hauling a heavy suitcase stuffed to the bursting point with middle class privilege. Its subsequent behavior did nothing to overcome that initial disadvantage...

climate change activists allowed the other side to define the terms of the debate and then whined about the resulting defeat rather than learning anything from it. Of course the other side used every trick in the book, and then some; so? That’s how the game is played. Successful movements for change realize that, and plan accordingly.
As is the habit of His Archness, it's a well-written piece, and one that provides valuable insight into the delegitimization process so necessary to undermine power structures.  I recommend it.*

But aside from the obvious shortcomings of the Global Climate Progress revolution that he points out, there is another factor that explains why that particular revolution** could not have succeeded even had they done everything right.

Let's imagine Churchill promising blood, sweat, toil, and tears to the roars of adoring crowds, but then let's posit that the Germans never came.  Not one bomber. Not one V1 rocket.  Month after month, year after year, the threatened Kraut invasion never makes its lightening way across the English channel nor appears anywhere else.  For how long could the great orator Churchill, by the mere force of threats and promises, keep Britain in a fighting fury?  As another great orator, Dr. King, would say: not long.

Now, apply that to the Global Climate hysteria. If you lack memory of what they promised, go back and read the global warming predictions of the 1980s, the 1990s. Look at the charts. Ponder the confident assertions and measure the specific prognostications. Now recognize the fact that we are well past the date we should have been roasting marshmallows in our refrigerators.  Had the temps risen as was threatened, inexorably, year after year, had the cities flooded and the bears drowned, the revolution would have succeeded. Mankind would have been panicked into anything the scientists asked for.

That The Revolution failed was not a function of the opposition playing dirty, but of reality not cooperating with the manufactured "scientific" consensus***.  So now that their predictions did not come true, Climate Change revolutionaries are reduced to lying about what we see:  Look the ice caps are melting! (they do every spring, then they re-freeze). It's Britain's hottest January ever! (amidst record snow they said we'd never see again).  The oceans are rising! (as they have been for 500 years, and no faster). And when the temperature stopped rising almost 2 decades ago, they simply began to cool the past. That particular scientific fraud is not common knowledge yet, but will one day place climate science in its earned position, right next to eugenics, as that ugly one night stand everyone in a lab coat pretends not to remember.

People rightly laugh at Climate Change because it, not the order it is ostensibly trying to overthrow, has lost credibility. It was not a matter of tactics, but the experience of the very people they were trying to win over. It is literally 65 degrees right now, in the third week of August, in southern Kansas.  The climate may be changing, but this was never in the models or the charts.

Had the Global Warmists been right about reality, they would not have needed a well-planned revolution, just as I suspect the Peak Oilists will not need a well-planned revolution: they merely need to be right about geology and the future will fall into place.  But since the warmists were not right, since rather than being Churchill they were The Boy Who Cried Wolf, they ought to forgive the rest of the world for ignoring their erstwhile revolution.

* especially for those who may be curious about why I spent much of today mocking one of the heads of #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter.   It's the same reason that those who oppose global carbon taxes should post pictures of Al Gore's mansions at every opportunity. See Alinsky, Rules 4-6.
** One must also realize that Climate Change "solutions" do not make a revolution. Those proposing this and that to fight it ARE the power centers. They ARE the governments, the foundations, the insiders. They are the System. Thus their revolution is not a fight to gain power so much as to centralize that power gained in the past century and a half.
*** I suspect that Climate Change Revolutionaries will never grok even half the damage they did to science by dressing their rain dances up as meteorology.

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  1. Funny, when you got to the part of naming a previously lauded now dead "science", eugenics came right to mind. Although, in time, psychology will fit in there too.

    Yes, reality is the issue, not tactics. AGW, however, does show how weak, superstitious even really, the minds of men are without solid faith and a reasoned... questioning, doubting... mind. If all else fails, doubt the s*(t out of it until it proves out. That last sentence is a fundamental of true science. Heck, even doubt, seriously doubt, what you "know". Especially when applying it to a new field or application. I do. It really works well. While it means I truly admit to knowing nothing, not globally, I am pretty darned suspicious about some things. An open mind is your friend only right up until it isn't. Only useful for a segment of learning, knowing, and such. Brainstorming, that beginning... and a few phases of discovery... not for conclusions.

    On the other hand, the problem with their predictions was, even if they were true? At the rate they were suggesting decay and failure there was no chance to do a thing about it. If you are going to lie, do it in a way that seemingly allows for an option. If the choice is to die in party mode, or die in burlap bags, covered in ashes, and gnashing teeth and pulling ones' hair out... people will pick partying right to the end every single time. You can't mix and match some things. *grins*