Thursday, February 11, 2016

Who is destroying Western civilization?

It's not Mohammedans*, it's Keynesians:

There's a lot of chatter among the #AltRight these days about Game and saving Western Civilization therewith.  But one question that is seldom asked is what it is, specifically, that constitutes Western Civilization.  What are we trying to save?  Cell phones and Interstates? The nuclear family?  Social Security? The Designated Hitter Rule? The fact that the definition is never addressed is one indication that it is too large, or contains too many pieces, to discuss intelligently.**

However, arguably the most important single idea that caused Western Civilization to evolve into the rich and prosperous place it has been for about 400 years now is what was once known as the Protestant Work Ethic.

While there are Calvinistic theological underpinnings behind it, the Protestant Work Ethic plays out primarily in the world of economics. And specifically in how the capitalist societies of England, Germany and other non-Catholic areas of Europe, and in the United States, grew so prosperous.

It's amazingly simple.  The Protestant Work Ethic has three main precepts, applied both to the individual and to society:
  • Hard, productive work
  • Frugality
  • Savings
It is not difficult to see how any society that practices those things will over time grow rich.  It's not "White privilege" and it's not colonial exploitation; it's math.  It's capital accumulation and production and longer time preferences. The society that produces more than it consumes will own more at the end of the day than one that consumes more than it produces.  As we did, long ago when we practiced those things. Today, we have more stuff. But we owe someone $200 trillion or so for it and stand on the edge of a deflationary abyss that threatens to wipe out most of our 'wealth.'.

Since Keynes and especially neo-Keynesians fell in love with the idea of measuring activity no matter its worth, we have finally come to the point where no eyebrows are raised when a Keynesian says that the solution to the economy's current funk*** involves:
instead of making [negative interest rates] punitive on the banks, ...make them punitive to savers... Cash should be charged interest -- put the micro chip in large denomination notes/tax cash withdrawals.. encourage spending not saving. 
Encourage spending, not saving.  There, in four words, is the pulling of one of the lynchpins of Western civilization.  It is the epitome of short-term thinking****.

It is also the path to poverty. Our entire economy, which in the past 100 years has been converted into one that celebrates profligacy and living in the now - has been a lot of fun, but it is the end of the road for Western Civilization. Those in charge are purposely unmaking what made us into us. and we are loving every minute of it.

* this is not an argument to let any of them into the West, it's merely pointing out that the primary problem goes a little deeper.
** Perhaps one more reason why some of the more important insights into human behavior are primarily applied toward plowing college girls. Which activity is not itself very supportive of Western civilization, all things considered.
*** besides destroying the currency, natch.
**** There is no one with a shorter time preference than a Keynesian economist.


  1. That they are attacking on multiple fronts, and succeeding, doesn't mean that just one method is preferred or even better. Chaos is afoot, and it includes immigration. As for me, I have no doubt that immigration is currently the most important, even vital, aspect of their attack. Believe as you wish, I have no doubt. What you suggest was simply a method that was created, and is now not an issue because it has been the status quo since, what, the 70's? Sure, fix it, but you won't be able to fix it unless you control the borders and eliminate most immigrants, including anchor babies... the worst of the the lot as it allows for a whole family for one birth.

    Yeah, believe as you like. If elections are stymied by immigrants, when even illegals are allowed to vote, and they vastly vote for the destruction of America, the rest is unimportant over very little time.

  2. You must have missed the first asterisk.

    is now not an issue because it has been the status quo since, what, the 70's?

    That's like saying your lung cancer is not an issue because you've had it for years. Even without immigration, Western Civ is doomed because we ourselves are gleefully destroying the things that built it.

    But you are correct that it is under attack from many fronts, and it would be interesting to catalog the axioms that underpin Western Civ and to denote the movements designed to undermine it.

    Here are a few:

    Christianity: Materialism, humanism
    Work, savings, thrift: Keynesianism
    Family and patriarchy: Feminism
    Property rights: Socialism

    Feel free to add your own.

    None of these attacks need immigrants to effectively tear down what was built. Maybe immigration makes it faster, at least above some unknowable critical mass.

    But so long as we think that stopping immigration is going to provide some sort of cure, I'm afraid we really don't understand the disease.

    1. Yeah, I can easily miss something. Sometimes I simply miss the point. I do what I can but I really am about >.< close to death, more so lately. Still, I'll take it and apologize, or at least back it off a bit. Having a tough time even making phone calls lately. Bleh.

  3. The Southern Border immigrants are likely to handle the destruction of our culture better than we do--considering that they came from what we are destroying ourselves back to. They have no problem living 14 to a room, sharing beds, sometimes as a relay race, and saving to send back home. The problem with our society is that since the Vietnam era, we have become like the Vanderbilt granddaughters-in-law--we're going to show them how Americans live--even if it bankrupts us--which it has.