Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First of (too) many

The WalMart* garlic is all finished up and is now hanging in the barn.  But the 200+ cloves of Duganski and Susanville in the back beds are still growing like crazy.  I hope the old ladies at church like garlic.

* No foolies.  I bought a couple bulbs of organic** garlic, ate what I needed, planted the rest.  Six months later those two half bulbs became ten full ones. How long until the magic dirt makes them American?
** a word that means "Chinese", I think.


  1. I used to think people, like say Italians, just loved garlic. After your story I am beginning to wonder if they simply ate it to try to get rid of it? :p Or perhaps even just to save themselves, to their minds, from overgrowth, as in tribbles from Star Trek?

    What makes me wonder is why garlic powder, chips, and such, are so expensive? I may have to try that trick. Though, being winter here as long and hard as it is, I might have to try to grow them inside in a pot. I always end up with too much garlic all at once, or none. A balance would be good.

    There are lots of things to do with garlic. It's a matter of volume. Just slicing or dicing and adding, but also splitting a whole clump and roasting it, alone or in with a roast, then making a spread out of it. Though if I've eaten too much, I end up smelling odd, like garlic and something else, comes out in the sweat... for a long time if I keep it up, the breath but only for a short time in any case. I like the scent, but I think I am more singular in that than not.

  2. Yeah, eat too much garlic and the mosquitoes will hate you and the Italians will love you. Some it's something of a tradeoff...