Thursday, May 5, 2016

Nonsense world

Fake hate crimes in the self-contradictory new world of pretend:
DURHAM, N.C. – A transgender woman claims she was escorted out of a public North Carolina restroom by security – but surveillance video shows it might not have happened.
Of course it didn't happen.  Most 'hate crimes' these days demonstrably never happened.*  But that wasn't what caught my attention.  It was this sentence from the same article:
The Durham woman said she wanted to make a statement by going into a woman’s restroom and snapping a selfie in the mirror.
Now, read that marvel of self-contradiction again.

A woman wanted to 'make a statement' by going into the women's restroom. Strange, millions of women go into the women's restroom every day, and that doesn't make a statement.  The only way it can make a statement is if the woman is not a woman, but a man, which is exactly what he is**. That's the only way 'a statement' could be made. 

So why does the article refer to him as 'she'? Because it knowingly presents Mr. Adams' lie about himself to us as if it were the truth.  Not only does the story not give the facts, it purposely gives the opposite of the facts, even when they reduce the story's premise to unintelligible rubbish.

"But," they say, "someone's feelings will be hurt if the truth were told." We are told that because Mr. Adams feels like a woman, we must all pretend that he is one. These people insist that we are morally obligated to play 'let's pretend' with adults. They insist that we accept an obvious lie as truth. We shall embrace the lie that the lie might set us free.

This is Social Justice in a nutshell.  It is the insistence that we knowingly lie - to each other and to ourselves - so that someone, somewhere, can feel like he is making a statement.

* One redeeming quality of the surveillance state, I suppose.
** A sexually-disoriented one more likely than a black-knighting one.


  1. there may, MAY have been a reason why people like this used to be put to death.

    wouldn't want to jump to conclusions though.

  2. "But," they say, "someone's feelings will be hurt if the truth were told."

    Precisely this nonsensical argument that has sent politicians scurrying for their hidey holes that is getting Trump elected. The citizenry is sick of the scurrying of the elected rats when the lights are shined. Time to stand up and tell the SJWs to shut up and act like they have an ounce of sense instead of showing they never will have any.

    "there may, MAY have been a reason why people like this used to be put to death"

    The Old Testament prescribes stoning for such people.

  3. I have been trying to remember anything that suggests these peeps were put to death. Adulterers (usually just the women), various others. I can't remember a story about that, not biblical.

    As for Christianity, I believe, for the most part, such behavior was frowned upon. You preach to those in the wrong until they simply choose otherwise. Or if they choose to... create a scene... or how was it put? Basically if they continue to publicly... scandal... if they choose to live in such a way as to create a scandal, then you turn your back on them. No more, or less, unless they become a threat. At which time, then yes, you may defend yourself. The church does allow for self defense, but just as with the military... or the one I knew... the least force necessary is a moral law.

    Now, if you wish to butcher queers, queens, lesbians, thieves, even liars, or sinners of all sorts? You best get busy. Now, I don't mind... some force being used to make the closet seem a better place for some activities. And I don't mind excessive force when children are literally threatened, certainly harmed, as well as women so long as they know their place and keep to it.

    I would not recommend what you are suggesting. When I suggest it, I am only saying that is what WILL happen if they continue to support socialists. And socialism either gains enough levers of power or morphs into what it wants to change to, that being communism. I do not condone genocide, even against sinners. I merely suggest segregation. As with other problems. *wink*