Friday, July 1, 2016

Pepper Problems

Cat proof
So anyway, late last fall I hit one of those deals that can change your entire year. It wasn't like winning the lottery or losing a kidney.  I just found a merchant on ebay who had .99 seed packs for sale and offered combined shipping.  So I bought like 15 kinds of pepper seeds and some other curiosities for less than $25 dollars delivered and figured I'd spend this year growing tons of pepper plants.  As of July 1, I have exactly six.

I planted a wonderful variety as soon as the frost was past, but they really don't do much until the ground temp rises, so the tomatoes quickly outpaced them and monopolized the best garden spaces.  Then Obie and Kross 'weeded' a whole bunch of the seedlings for me, which is to say they pulled them out of their planter(s), dropped them on the deck, and danced on them.

The lovely and gracious Rogue bought me a rectangular fiberglass planter (pictured) that I started many others in.  Digging Dog™ decided that potting soil would work better spread all over the deck. Then the kittens decided that planter would work really well as a litter box.  Neither is conducive to the growth of seedlings.

Finally, for some reason I cannot explain, half of the peppers that I thought were peppers are actually cock's combs. So I have half a dozen of those in the garden in spots I had kept free of tomatoes. And I have no idea what kind of peppers the half dozen surviving peppers plants will produce.

But I am undeterred*. Today I refilled the planter and devised a cunning , 2-level protective steel shield for it. The top, which is clearly visible, ought to convince Digging Dog™ that she has easier targets, like my comfrey bed, which is apparently a really nice place to nap. But beneath that is a bit of steel fencing with 8 or 9 pokey-proddy wires of different lengths sticking up in various directions, which I hope will convince the kittens to go crap somewhere else. Then I planted three dozen peppers seed of a dozen varieties in it.  If any sprout, they'll get replanted into beer cups and eventually the beds, and we may get peppers after all.

If not, there's always next year. I'll start them indoors to avoid animal problems. I already have my seeds.

* Or as my wife puts it, insufferably stubborn.


  1. I love it when a plan comes together! Uhrm, that is how my plans usually work. And, after I figured it out... that that is the way of things... life has been grand, unless my health plans... go that way and I die a bit quickly. Thought that has a certain tickle to it too, just trust me. I mean... well... to my experience that is as close to perfect as plans get. Some times there is more fruit, if that isn't quite finished yet. Though fruit isn't always... well... fruit. Knowledge, experience, and a giggle or three are all very dear fruits.

    I guess I am trying to suggest that I think you are doing fine. Or at the very least, I am having a ball on your dime. With? And together? The latter is the better. Chuckles and cheers!

    1. About those plans, yeah. One kitten still managed to crap in there today. All the metal did was keep him from burying it...

    2. Which, as well as their penchant for vegetables, being kindly to their food, and other sorts of things, taking such care of themselves based on odds (the toms on that last) is why I like cats. Kittens are a sub-category. Now, I have changed my ways, mostly. But they remind me of who... what... I was. Only one though? ?Still? !Lulz!

    3. even kittens ain't small enough to get through chicken wire.

    4. Bob,

      Maybe not. But, as the kitten proved? You don't have to get very close... just close enough. That, my friend, is the difference between an engineering and a scientific or mathematic mind. Close enough indeed.

  2. my mother used to just stake chicken wire over the whole top of the garden.

    as in, not around it, vertically, but horizontally and tied down around the perimeter of the garden. this served to keep the rabbits off of them until the sprouts had grown up enough that the rabbits now didn't find them so scrumptious.