Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary's Body Double

So much for "sleuths":
Clinton canceled a campaign fundraising trip to California scheduled for Monday and Tuesday in order to rest and recover, but when she appeared smiling and healthy following a visit to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to rest up on Sunday. Online sleuths found it odd that she was not surrounded by secret service to both protect her and help her in case she fell ill again.
If Hillary cancelled a fundraising trip, then you know her ailment is far more serious than walking pneumonia*. And if she really emerged alone, and walked around alone - as in "the Secret Service was not around" - well, that might just be grist for the conspiracy mill. I even read one wag who noted - probably quite correctly  - that the Secret Service could not guard a fake Hillary. Their absence was therefore proof that we are seeing one.

That said,  Sometimes it helps to take a wider angle:
Here's Hillary being ragdolled into her hearse at 9:30a.  Note the people marked Agent 1 and Agent 2.

Here's Hillary at 1:00p emerging from Chelsea's apartment building:
Pretty sure that's those same two people on the left.

So, why is it that she "appeared" alone in the press pictures?  No doctor, no handler, no SS?  Because it's a managed press event, designed to make her look strong and not at all sick** for the benefit of all you proles.  She got cleaned up, some new makeup, newly-fixed hair, waddled*** out, waved, and waddled away. The very picture of health. Or so you're supposed to believe.

Until next time.

UPDATE: So what is it?

I suspect it's some sort of a neurological attack that a) she can feel coming, and b) lasts less than an hour. When she feels the first tremors, it's time to boogie (or not come back), when it's over, it's over.  Except that it seems to be getting worse. What does that add up to? I have no idea.

* Besides, what kind of a person would go to her grandchildrens' house or hug a young girl while suffering from pneumonia?
** Remember, this was done when the story was still "overheated in the 75 degree morning" and not "pneumonia."
*** Notice her foot placement - wide-set and spread to keep her from shaking/wobbling.  If this is a stunt double, it's a very ill one.


  1. Reasonable enough.

    Now, if we could get the masses to focus on the actual conspiracies of the FED, Progressive Income Tax, and Forced Govt Schooling which are the materialist root of all of this, to include cultual Marxism....
    I remain convinced 1913 actually did come before the 1960's, as was essential and necessary to implement the latter (ladder?).

    1. All these people saying Obama is the worst president ever know nothing about 1913.

  2. If she has one of these episodes during a debate, I will be convinced that we just misread the Mayan calendar by four years.

    1. I honestly don't see how she agrees to debates at this point.

      It now appears that she will be "resting" tomorrow as well. Three days, for what was nothing, then she just tripped, well overheated, but hey dehydrated, then pneumonia* (so brave).

      The problem is that they already marched her out to say "Hey, I feel great" and said everyone gets pneumonia all the time, and now she's down for three days with only an eye-rolling phone interview with Anderson Cooper in which she admitted that she has "fainted" once or twice.

      But she's down for three days.

      This is a campaign in an absolute panic, and the party is not far behind. If she does not come out to see her shadow by Thursday, and especially if she tanks in the polls this week (as she will) I think by Monday we will have a very newsworthy resolution to the whole fiasco.

      I don't think she's going to be President.

      * a special non-contagious pneumonia that everyone in the campaign caught but does not endanger random girls in the street

  3. Scary how badly they want to cover this up.