Tuesday, September 6, 2016

No iron horse for you

There has long been some doubt about El B's heritage, on both sides.  My mother's father claimed to have been left on the doorstep of a nice French couple in Canada, and the family long wondered if he was part Indian.  My father's father gave up genealogy when it looked like he was getting too close to the reservation*.  So I decided to settle the issue once for all, for 99 measly dollars.

The results are in: Europe 100%

Eastern Europe 29%
Ireland 24%
Western Europe 15%
Great Britain 12%
Scandinavia 7%
Finland/Northwest Russia 5%
Iberian Peninsula 5%
Italy/Greece 3%

The Slavic plurality is no surprise - since Loretta Mary Galinski's family got off the boat from Poland, I figured that number would be high.

Still, there are a couple of surprises:

The Celt overachieves at 24%, since I only knew of one Irish branch and it's about 5 generations back. 

Western Europe underachieves in a big way. Really big. Since Mom's half French and half German** and Dad has French in his line, I expected a number over 50% rather than a sorry little 15%.  Some of the Germanic could have bled over into the Polish, but the French had to be either Normans, refugees from one of the various Irish diasporas, or bleedover Iberians and Latins. Who knows? 

In any case, one legend is laid to rest: old El B is just as Indian as Senator Warren.

* And he gave up his bagpipes 8-tracks once he discovered he was not Scottish.
** Allegedly. There is now some room for discussion.


  1. Which service did you use?

  2. Do you have any information regarding how accurate that really is? Just... curious.

  3. I'm debating between ancestry and 23 and me to do my mom's side. They're mostly interchangeable, by 23's ethnic breakdown is a little more detailed and accurate.

  4. I've been thinking about it. I've always figured 1/4th Irish (maternal grandfather's father and grandparents all came over from Ireland), 3/8ths Scots (paternal great-greats all came over from Scotland or Northern Ireland) and 3/8ths English (both parent's maternal sides) with a touch of Danish. But after spending the summer reading about the Crusades and the Vikings, I'm thinking I'm probably more Scandinavian and that darned maiden name of mine was associated by a slightly modified spelling as Jewish 1,000 years ago. Hmmmm.

  5. Try:
    It has the advantage of being free, except for an hour or so of answering questions. I submitted my app for the 'spit kit' last week.