Tuesday, September 13, 2016

They're called 'analysts'

God doesn't play dice with the universe
because that's where they pull their numbers from:
Top bank analysts claim there’s a 50% chance our world is a computer simulation and we're all plugged into a Matrix-style virtual reality.
And they also reckon if it's true - then there's no way we'll ever find out about it.
The Bank of America's Merrill Lynch made the astonishing claim in a research note citing comments by top scientists, astrophysicists and philosophers.
I suppose if you reduce the options of any theory being true to a binary, and have absolutely no choice but to choose one at random, then a 50% chance is as good a number as any. That's just the way coin-flipping works.

But any argument based on the possibility that "members of future civilisations could have decided to run a simulation of their ancestors*" - i.e. us - is still bong-resin philosophy, like that one dude in high school who was convinced that our universe is an atom in the hand of a giant somewhere and that therefore his own hand contained millions of universes.  You can't put odds on something for which you could not possibly have any data.

That said, such an idea raises no problem for those of us who believe in a created universe that we only temporarily inhabit. In fact, we are counting on the idea that we individually are only briefly a part of this world, that our true citizenship is elsewhere, and that our king does not rule here but will move us to an eternal home someday.

In that sense, Christians know we are in a 'simulation' - a reality that was created especially for us, is more temporary than us, and is something of a testing ground to see how we react to various stimuli during our time in it. It's not those we created who are running the program, but the One who created us for something much more.

* If we start from the proposal that we are not 'real' but only exist inside a computer simulation, how could we have descendants who created the simulation? The chicken/egg problems are endless.


  1. This and that have no connection. What Christians seem to suggest, however, even if this is a simulation of sorts, there are consequences. The thing that bankers, scientists, philosophers, and other such are attempting to push is that there are no consequences. Ever caught a dog eating poop, after you have explicitly let it know not to do that? There you go.

    Oh, they are praying there is no God, there are no consequences, and that the matrix will simply be reset. But uhrm... I'm thinking not. Not even close. More? The more they hide the more sure I am that even they know. Funny how the people who truly do believe... right down to knowing God and Satan, good and evil, are those who believe, hope, pray, try to teach, love, and do what they understand to be right (even if foolishly, God bless us (it is hoped, for my part))... and those who do just the opposite. Those who are evil, or choose that path, know. It IS what they are doing.

    Still... there is hope. Right to the last breath, there really is hope. Even to the last drill hole in the head, or at least beyond fatality but not into death. Whether *cough* it was self-inflicted or a gift from old friends. Actually, the ones I fear for the most? The ones who really don't know. The middlings. Though as dreadful as many such live, I am not sure hell will be much of an event.

  2. Top bank analysts claim

    what? why in the ever living fuck are BANK ANALYSTS wasting time on this? what does that have to do WITH BANKING?

    why isn't BoA knocking on their lab door asking them why the financial forecasting is running late? or maybe they should ask why their derivative packages turned out to be worthless shit.