Monday, October 24, 2016

Winter is coming

Well, autumn is here anyway.
It's the most wonderful time of the year
The weather was perfect, and looking forward to a bit of a chill, so this turned out to be the weekend where almost all of the garden got pulled up.  There are still some radishes and other cold weather stuff, along with, ironically, Rogue's tomato bed that froze out last spring. It's still going like crazy.

But the (few) peppers are on their last legs and I need some of the beds for garlic, so I ended up picking a bunch of stuff whether it was ready or not.  Having already canned enough salsa and spaghetti sauce to get thru 2018, I brought the overage in to work for those who are not blessed with such a bounty. If I get another load this week, it'll go to church.

I modified the chicken composter a bit, or rather, what goes into it.  No more grass or other things with seeds.  Two weeks after spreading the last load, I had a nice new lawn growing in a couple of the beds. It seems the chickens don't eat grass seed, or at least not as much of it as I had expected.  So I've gone heavier on leaves and shredded paper, and this weekend they rewarded me with about 40 gallons of hi NI compost for the beds.  I added it mostly to beds that will sit all winter, as I'm not sure yet if the compost is still too "hot" to grow in immediately. But I'm sure a nice wet winter will take the edge off of it.

Be that as it may, here's to hoping we get a normal Kansas winter, and not the kickoff of a Maunder Minimum style mini ice age. Our little star's spot production has been pathetic as of late, and that's historically correlated with the kind of weather that results in lots of hungry and angry people.  And not just climate change cultists trying to explain how global warming causes the Mississippi River to freeze over. In Louisiana.

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