Saturday, December 31, 2016

Of seeds and stuff and Happy New Year

Doin' it right
Doin' it wrong

Long story short: If you fill up a sealed plastic container with seeds and place an oxygen inhibitor in them, they will probably mold and rot over the course of a year.  Why? I have no idea. They just will. Or at least, they did.

If you save a bazillion seeds in an open gallon bucket, they will probably be fine.  Again, I have no idea why. It just works out that way. And I will have 80 botrillion marigolds next year, just wait and see.

And speaking of the new year-- and hideous post formatting aside - a happy new year to you and yours.

This is the time of year where I normally forecast doom and hope for the best. Being as how I am already well into my new year's allotment of rum and Coke, I will instead just hit the latter.

I really hope Trump can make America great again.  If I thought that such a thing was possible, I would have supported his campaign much more.  If I thought that the simple secret to American awesomeness was coercing corporations into preserving union jobs here in America, I would have been a Democrat from the 1960s up until they began to pretend that "trans" was a thing. It's not.* And Democrats have literally nothing to offer America but various ways for it to become not-America. Thanks, but no. Still, the GOP selects Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to leadership, proving they have no interest in American greatness either.

But as last year I offered divers and sundry prognostications to prove that I am not-a-prophet, it's rather expected that I will do the same in currentYear(), even if such prognostications would assuredly get me banned from alt-right sites across the fruited plain.

That being the case, let's do this:

What I expect in 2017, inebriation edition:

1) Obama's going to shit in our nest, but it will all come to naught.  There's been this meme floating around to the effect that, "as soon as you realize that Obama is not on America's side, everything he does makes sense." And I have unfairly ignored it for too long. Still, there is little one President can do that cannot be undone by the next. Maybe if Congress had not worked so hard to empower the executive; but alas, they have. So Trump trumps Obama. And that's fine.

2) The BLS will continue to publish fake statistics. And if you are sure government statistics are fake, a lot of other conclusions are simplified. Does Trump have the integrity to force his government to raise reported/official unemployment? I doubt it. Trump is pretty non-ideological, all told. And truth is an ideology.

3) We will not go to war with Russia. While triggered pajama boys across the fruited plain find this unacceptable, I actually revel in it.  But are we going to war with China over Taiwan? That's more difficult and more personal, as I have a daughter and grandsons there. I hope not. But you never know.

4) Globalism will be rolled back. Nationalism is on the ascendancy, especially in Europe. It will continue to win, and this is in general a good thing. That does not mean nothing bad comes of it.

5) The EU is hosed.

6) The alt-right disappears. Lots of reasons for that, most of which are based in the fact that it is a hashtag and little more. I have not heard a single person IRL identify as Alt-Right, and in a year without elections, I do not expect that to change.

7) Secession disappears.  Because I expect Trump to change nothing of consequence, I do not expect any state to seriously consider secession.

8) As for markets, there is a Dow crash coming and a bond crash (rising rates) coming. Do they come in 2017? Sure, what the hell? They have to happen some time.

All that said, I wish each of you a Happy New Year, safe in your assumptions and investment designations. And may 2017 trigger those who hated 2016, providing enough  nervous energy to boil a million lobsters. Or at least enough for me to gorge myself thereon. Because I live in the Midwest, where beef and (white) crappies rule. And I really like lobster.

* Celebrating sexual confusion is not a winning long-term strategy for any civilization.


  1. Well.... I'm alt-right to my bones, I think, and... I generally think you are spot on. I like to think I am not ideological, if not purely utilitarian or even practical, I just don't think... I have a foot in heaven (I hope and pray) and one here. They don't always jive, but both are required and I think there is a reason for it. It's an abstract lesson that... isn't really a lesson. Gonna fail, just don't quit? Anyway.

    Hmm... I actually have some rum, but it's stored for visiting an old friend's grave. I might have to get coke, next time I am in town, and ruffle the vodka stores. Or maybe add a touch of the good or gooder bourbon. Drink with you in spirit, in my odd timing. Cheers, through time and space.

    If the alt-right (the rest of it) doesn't like what you have to say, they can kiss my... ask me after the vodka. :)

  2. Hope. Every new year has hope. Market crash? Yup, some time or other, and 2017 is as likely as any year. Been 8 years and loads more debt out there, so yeah, probably. Sooner is better than later.

    Seeds. Paper bags seem to work best. Plastic is Okay if they are well dried first. I have a bajillion tobacco seeds this year. Got a little crazy shaking them out last fall. I'll probably plant a handful, and scatter the rest somewhere convenient and see if any grow. Last year the volunteers popped up everywhere throughout my garden. Tomatoes too. More than we or all our neighbors could eat. Lots of beans too, and a few volunteer potatoes.