Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday Randomness

Well, it feels like Monday.

I sure liked the old Golfing Obama better than the Let's-see-how-much-shit-we-can-break-on-the-way-out-the-door Obama. I seem to remember the Democrats did the same thing last time, too, including the Lizard Queen herself purloining a quarter million dollars' worth of artwork and furniture. Stay classy, Democrats.

Fortunately, Mr. Obama can make all the pronouncements he wants, and they will simply be un-pronounced on Friday. And it's not like Federal bureaucrats are going to be working extra hard this week to make changes they'll be ordered to unmake.

Since Trump won and his GOP now holds the national reins, I have found that my interest in politics has plummeted pretty much to nil. Yes, they're going to take the blame for a lot of crap that is still baked into our national Burrito of Comeuppance™.  But I sure feel a lot better about eating it with a right-wing government than a left wing one.

After careful consideration of the upcoming move from "picking berries" to "producing berries", I've decided to invest in a few thornless blackberry plants. Yeah, it would be easier and cheaper to simply transplant a bunch a wild blackberries from the field to the new trellis*, but the idea of fighting those thorns in an even more compact area just doesn't appeal.

On that subject, and I know it's January, but I may have to cook up a batch of blackberry jam this week. Though with as much jam as I already have lying about, I might just try to make syrup on purpose this time.

Even with water in various states of matter falling from the sky for the past 4 days, I didn't get time to clean out the barn.  But I did get the workshop mostly done and the garden planned.  I'm gonna need more beds, I think.

I'm also thinking about de-converting DiggingDog's ossuary into a potato barrel**. I'm not sure what to do with all the bones currently therein, however. Maybe build a cowapede skeleton from them.

And speaking of Irish, my mom sent off her spit-kit a few weeks ago and is awaiting the results with bated breath. It apparently bothered her no little bit that I was a lot more Irish and a lot less German than her asserted heritage would lead one to believe.  As the old saying*** goes: never, ever do genealogy unless you like surprises.

* Which is actually just an old fence, so don't get excited.
** I heard this really cool idea about how if you plant potatoes in a barrel, you can get a lot of them in very little space.
*** Well, I say it and I'm old, so it's old by association.


  1. Speaking of genealogy, I got my results and ran the raw data through some additional utilities.

    Turns out that despite family legends I'm as Indian as Elizabeth Warren. The exact composition of my European ancestry is still elusive. Some well-heeled distant relatives found Scots Irish roots through old-fashioned genealogy. I guess we'll go with that.

    The one surprise was a small but definite strain of Arab ancestry. When I told my dad, he replied "so that explains my lingering desire to open a convenience store." He's taking it well.

    1. Scots Irish, huh? That's what my grandfather was seeking all those years.

      I have a buddy who shares your heritage, minus the Arab. He refers to his mixture as Black Irish, much to the confusion of more traditional Irish everywhere.

    2. I thought you were black? No, seriously. Something about... never mind. Happy Isra and Mi'raj! Or is it Merry? :p

    3. Heh. Beats me, I havent connected with my cousins yet. ;) The African ancestry wasn't in doubt. The only suspense was what else was mixed in.

  2. El Bo
    I have found that my interest in politics has plummeted pretty much to nil.

    i enjoy watching Jimmy Dore videos. it's great, because he's been pointing out for almost a year what a horrendous, lying, venal and thieving candidate Hillary is.

    and he's a hard Left Socialist ( he's the guy who spit on Alex Jones when Jones blitzed the Cenk Uygur Armenian Genocide set ). he calls Trump "Donn-ay Tin-ay Hands".

    the best was when he told all the Democrats who voted for Hillary that "Your parents did a shit job raising you."

    1. That last sounds like as good a campaign slogan as "Forward!" and much more accurate.

      Hillary '16. Because your parents did a shit job raising you.


    2. enjoy.


  3. I figure O will spend the next 40 years (he's a year younger than I am) playing every golf course in America--except our local one, probably. I've heard it's pretty lame.

    Looking forward to paying Secret Service to travel American golf courses.

  4. FWIW, my mother just got her results back, and it seems that she is the source of the Irish over representation in my results. Fully 30%* Irish.

    She also had a trace (<1%) of African, though not quite enough to turn up in mine.

    Not bad for a gal convinced she was half French and half German.

    * No wonder she loves potatoes so much.

  5. El Bo
    I have found that my interest in politics has plummeted pretty much to nil. (stolen quote, quote by bob (are you the same bob that used to harass Desert Cat?) Anyway...

    I was probably more disinterested than you, and before you. While I pushed and pulled for Trump? I didn't vote. I... gave up on politics. Now, when I want to affect the world? I pray. Amen? I... I think so. Cheers. You hold no disgrace in your understandings, at least by my nature.

  6. DoomJanuary 18, 2017 at 3:12 PM
    (are you the same bob that used to harass Desert Cat?)

    while i don't have any idea what you're talking about, i wouldn't go so far as to say i'm not that bob.

    it's not unusual for people to observe a woman teasing me and me teasing her back, and they decide they have to jump in and White Knight for her.

    i always comment as "bob k. mando" or, more recently, "bob kek mando". sometimes the Google login shows me as "Robert Mando". other than that, it's likely not me.

    i have been spoofed a few times on Vox's blog by Lieberal sock puppets, but that's usually pretty obvious. i think that's only happened once since i started using the Blogger login.

    you can tell it's not me now because when you mouse over the spoof name, there's no hyperlink.

    1. Oh!?! Hahaha First. D.C. is a man. And, whatever else my problems might be, I just... don't go there. Second, it was mostly in fun. Though I could tell, if you are the same, that it did aggravate him seriously from time to time. More? I picked on him too, basically with those last two notions kept in mind. White knight? Hell... I get in on the action, sometimes, when someone is down, or winning... depends on my mood. Man, woman, child, makes no difference to me. *grins*

      If I do happen to white knight, it isn't to protect... anyone. It's to get a chance to fight in such a manner that I am given a pass on my inappropriate behavior. It's because I am looking for a fight, though it isn't the only way. I don't fight anymore, but, back in the day.

    2. if it was on Desert Cat's blog, i don't remember ever going there.