Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A battle of wits, a studied apathy

She finds this humerus
So anyway, I have mentioned before how Digging Dog(tm) consistently manages to find cattle bones, drag them home, and then half-bury them in my raised beds.  For the past 2 years, since the failure of the Potatoes in a Barrel experiment, I have been patiently tossing said bones into the white, plastic barrel.  I now have enough bones to build a cattlepede in my yard, should I choose.

However, with the discovery of the poopmine in my north field, I've decided to give the potatoes another chance, using the same barrel, but using 55 gallons of rotted manure instead of topsoil.  But what to do with the bones?

I buried them about 3' deep under the Lovely and Gracious Rogue's new bed, then covered them with manure.  Digging Dog has not discovered them yet, and I'm hoping that, should she be able to smell them through a yard of crap, she'll be too lazy to actually dig them out. This is an experiment that will either end very well or very poorly.

It reminds me no little bit of the shenanigans taking place in Washington at the moment.  You might have concluded from my lack of postings on things political that, now that Trump is president, I've lost interest in the place*. And you would be right.

That's not because America is suddenly Great Again, but because the problems have not gone away, and we have now introduced a lot of new stresses** that amplify the existing ones. We have another debt-ceiling fight coming up in the next couple months.  We have rising interest rates, which means a blown-out budget, even before we add a few trillion for shovel-ready Stimulus infrastructure. The Deep State is at war with itself and with the elected government, the courts are at war with the Executive, and Congress might be if it had any balls. Europe is becoming an inter-ethnic war zone; Chicago is an intra-ethnic one. The next grand solar minimum is probably here, Peak Oil might be. There are good and necessary things happening to be sure, most notably on immigration.  But they do not solve the fatal things. That's why they are fatal things.

Now, one would think that with such monumental happenings occurring and about to occur, it would be time to pay attention, dig into the nitty gritty, and to develop strong, well-supported opinions about everything. But I look at it much like the Oroville Dam situation.  The partisans are taking shots at their opponents, coming up with all sorts of creative reasons why the situation is others' fault, because that's what partisans do.  The press is fulfilling its normal, deceptive role by renaming the Emergency Spillway - the name it's had since the dam was completed in 1968 - to the Auxiliary Spillway***. We have experts discussing dam design while helicopters drop little bags of rocks into big holes that were not part of the design. Meanwhile the rain is scheduled to start again in 6 hours.  You can immerse yourself in all that minutia, or you can get out of the valley.

Rain is coming, and it's probably not going to stop this time.  Time to get out of the valley.

* Not, however, in triggering liberals about it. The salt must flow.
** The resignation of Gen. Flynn is one example.  I have no opinion on whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. It's surely both in different ways. But it's obvious that there are a lot of people in government who are going to great - and illegal - lengths to be rid of him.  This is probably going to be a common occurrence going forward.
*** because we would not want anyone to consider 100,000 FPS of water overtopping a dirt pile at the head of a valley an emergency.

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  1. ElBo
    to build a cattlepede in my yard, should I choose
    I buried them about 3' deep under the Lovely and Gracious Rogue's new bed, then covered them with manure.

    so NOW when it comes back it's going to be a Zombie Manure Cattlepede ... as if four stomachs wasn't enough?