Friday, February 24, 2017

Catching up on the mail

I'm Spicy
Might as well share a few items, since otherwise it's all quiet:

What do you think of the Milo situation?

I don't really.  Having not mentioned him before doesn't mean I don't know who Milo is, I just don't see the attraction of right wingers to him, unless it's in the same sort of "he's our shield*" as their attraction to Herman Cain. I guess I lack the political celebrity gene or something.

What he said is no different from what others say, including Bill Maher, who is claiming credit (I guess) for taking him down. And in this case our modern lack of perspective works against Milo - it was not long ago that good European peasants were married at 12 or 13 and often because of pregnancy. He's being dogpiled because the Safe Space crowd hates his guts, but I suspect he'll be fine in the end.

Is Pizzagate real?

Doubtless the Podestas have bizarre taste in friends and art, but it's hard to tell if they are just being "edgy" or if it's indicative of something worse. Lots of people play with secret evil - you remember how every respectable man used to be a Freemason?  I'm glad the home gaming console killed that organization.

Someone with an actual torture chamber in his home would not likely call it by that name in an email. You call your torture chamber "the fun house" and your home gym "the torture chamber." Especially if you're old, fat, and fighting hypertension.

Does that mean that there is or isn't a pedophile ring being run from the basement of a DC restaurant? I have no idea.

Your memes are so dank and spicy.

Thank you.

Why did you remove Vox from your blog roll?

I don't read him all that much anymore.  Vox is a genius. And by that I don't mean we always agree (we don't) or that he's never wrong. By genius I mean that he'll say "because X, Y" and most people will go "Dude, that makes no sense." But it makes perfect sense, you just have to skip ahead 10 steps like he's doing.  You never see that sort of thing from "really smart" people like Obama. Obama never surprises you, because he's not really that smart. Vox is really that smart.

Still, having read Vox for 15+ years, and not having much interest in his current intellectual trajectory, I removed the link because I don't use it anymore.

We saw leaves on the trees in Kansas.

You should have dropped in. I'm planting potatoes, onions, and peas this weekend.  Spinach and lettuce are already coming up, as are the HR and the garlic.  We may get frost in March and so I may need to cover them a couple times, but my yard turned green this week and so I might as well go for it.  I really hope frost does not impact the pears and apples, as they are flowering as well.

Have you read Gorilla Mindset?

Son Lupus really liked it and bought it for me.  I've started it a few times but really can't relate to it. I've just never told myself I couldn't accomplish something, and so have no need to talk to myself in the mirror. Weird like that, I guess.

Are you still a  fan of Trump?

I was never a fan of Trump. I very much like some things he's doing and some of the people he's surrounded himself with. Others, meh.  People who think he's a moron are the kind of people who think Obama was really smart (see above).  I do hope that he's able to accomplish a lot of what he wants to do. And I am in awe at his ability to trigger snowflakes. The man is truly a god-tier troll. His party, however, remains a den of snakes.

Why aren't you "alt-right?"

I'm not a fan of identity politics. If we disagree on policy, we can possibly reach a compromise.  But if I'm to believe x because I'm white and you believe y because you're black, then there's nothing to do but fight it out.

I did rather laugh at one tweet, however, that illustrates the left's horrified reaction to alt-right:

>Progressive left: everything is about race.
>alt-right: OK, everything is now about race.
>Progressive left: Nooo! We don't mean for you guys.

Alt-right is the natural reaction to the SocJus left stuffing all white people (especially normal white men) into a box. And then hitting that box repeatedly with a stick.

Alt-rightists would argue that identity is the wave of the future, that it's inevitable. But if that's the case, it does not need my support**. I also suspect that there are some surprises coming that will make the best-laid plans of both left and right come to naught.

Like what?

We still have a financial collapse in our future, possibly combined with an energy crisis and few cold and rainy decades. I do not think we'll be all that worried about 'safe spaces' in a few short years, though systemic oppression may pass from the fevered imaginations of liberals into cold, hard reality. Nobody fusses about being misgendered in Argentina.

Have we reached "peak trans"?

Dear God, I hope so. There is no doubt in my mind that our collective confusion and hysteria about gender and race are supernatural. But count me as one who thinks it can only prosper because a critical mass of people have literally nothing they need to be doing.  If that changes, they'll change (or die, I suppose).

How many people are in your house?

Nine at the moment. Four with my name and five (aged 4, 3, 2, 2, 7 mo) with other names. That number will probably decrease by two in the near future. The lovely and gracious Rogue is a saint.

What is your favorite holiday?

The Feast of St. Dagobert.  It's a history thing. you wouldn't understand.

* "I'm not racist/antisemetic/homophobic. One of my heroes is a gay, Jewish homosexual who tells me about all the foam parties he throws with Ugandan rentboys and once pointed out that MyFitnessPal has calorie counts for semen." 
** nor does it mean that identity will be primarily racial, rather than linguistic or religious or, if things get bad enough, clan-based. And even if it is racial, it does not mean that the generic American "white" is going to remain a race.  "Let's not kill these Slavs because they're so white," said no German, Celt, Latin, Greek, Finn, or Iberian ever.


  1. I've only read half, so far. Yep. I've been playing on Gab, just to see what this 'social media' thing is. Anyway, I let them know that I wasn't for Milo before, and certainly won't be for him now. They were pushing him for sainthood. I just let them know that they were doing it wrong, and will just chase us non-Milos off. And if that is what saving the West is baed upon, then I don't mind if it burns. If that's the choice, I'll bring the matches.

    Funny? They shut the heck up. It tapered off, then, sort of, gone. Oh, some stupid still offers to blow him, or whatever. But that doesn't get upvoted and passed around. FFS, knock that crap! GAh! So, there is some reason, just gotta say it.

    I'm hoping to be in better shape, read the rest, and comment back. Hey, if you put it out, and it's good or has some humor, or.... I like to bat back. Be well.

    1. And if that is what saving the West is baed upon, then I don't mind if it burns.

      Exactly. I'm confused how those saving Western Civilization or going to do it upon such a fabulous homosexuality. Unless they're rolling it all the way back to Greece, I suppose.

    2. As I have it, Greece was pretty non-queer too. Romans downright hated that. No matter what they try to tell you. Elites migth have gotten away with it, but they usually had to keep it secret.

      If we go back to Greecian ways, lets go with only men over 26(ish) being allowed to vote, and the absolute freedom of anyone to kill anyone who was a threat to the freedom of the people... and the ability to vote politicians into exile in the most unhappy of foreign nations. Cheers.

  2. I was very surprised that I didn't see anyone defend Milo by referencing Pre-modern practice. I was sure there'd be at least one "scholars say Mary was about 14 when she married Joseph!"

    Would love to hear more about how gaming killed Freemasonry.

    1. Someday I'll have to work that into a coherent argument, but here's my best "off the top":

      I first noticed the downward trend in boy scouts - my troop was sponsored by a Scottish Rite temple, and a few of the assistant scoutmasters were masons. All of the "Fat Committee" -- dads whose sons had long moved on from the troop -- were masons. We held annual dinners there as a thank you, so I've been inside a temple or two. Back then, no one could just 'join' the Scottish Rite, you had to be invited.

      Then, a decade later I saw my first "2 B 1 Ask 1" freemason bumpersticker. It was obvious then, as soon as I reflected on the fact that not one of my fellow eagles had joined the masons, that the organization had, shall we say, a demographics problem.

      Even later I started seeing literal recruiting ads, then the temple sold the scout camp our troop had used, and where those little pins are car stickers had been ubiquitous, they are now found almost solely at farm auctions or on Ebay.

      So why did not my generation join the masons? It wasn't, at least among my peers who knew who the masons were, a religious thing. We simply had no interest in hanging out with old men who we suspected were just trying to get away from the women-folk. For us, we got away from the women-folk by playing wargames.

      Maybe it's a good argument, maybe not. But for whatever reason, Gen X never really took to Freemasonry, and that's all it took for that cult to sustain what I suspect will prove a mortal wound.

    2. I think it skipped a generation because a lot of rappers from the past five years onward have become Masons.

  3. El BorakFebruary 24, 2017 at 9:30 AM
    Maybe it's a good argument, maybe not. But for whatever reason, Gen X never really took to Freemasonry,

    i don't have any 'facts' to back this up, only anecdotes ... but there seems to have been a *major* shift in relations between generations from the Silents on.

    i've come to the realization that my parents ( both born during WW2, thus tail of the Silent Gen ) have zero interest in teaching their children anything. my parents have actually gone out of their way to obstruct me.

    what little experience i had with my grandparents ( most of my youth was in Fla while they were all in Indiana ) was that they were more than happy to try to teach me various things. they were, in fact, rather surprised to find that i didn't know how to read sheet music or play an instrument by the age of 15. my paternal grandmother had her own issues but she at least made the effort to attempt to instruct me in how to play piano.

    whereas, my parents had *known* that the "music teacher" at my Fla elementary school was refusing to do his job because he thought that he was underpaid. so all he would do during "music" class would be to play records at us and maybe have us square dance or something, there was no actual musical instruction of any kind.

    my parents knew, and did nothing about situation.

    the principal of the school knew, and did nothing about this situation.

    me, i was too young and ignorant and was busy doing what i was told. i had no idea i was supposed to be doing anything else.

    my parents both read and played instruments. my mother was good enough that she did a xylophone recital on the Dixie sternwheeler back in the day.

    my father lettered on the Trombone ... and still had it when i was growing up. i don't remember either of them ever playing anything, except for my mother doodling on a toy xylophone we came by at one point.

    what was my parents reaction to the knowledge that i was receiving no music instruction whatsoever? they bought me an acoustic guitar at about age 7.

    and, when i had no idea how tune the thing, much less play a chord, much less read music, they told me it was my fault that i didn't do anything with it.

    *fatalistic shrug*

    i realize that my family is a bit out on the Left hand tail of socialization, but i've seen a lot of instances in everyday life which seem to indicate that this is really widespread.

    i overhead a converstion one day in which two middle aged women were complaining that their drivers permit age children understood nothing about cars ... like trip odometers.


    when is the school supposed to instruct the children on trip odometers?



    it just seems as though most of the modern generations have decided that all "instruction" should be delegated to public school and that there is nothing which should ( or even can ) be taught at home.

  4. so far as the Milo thing:
    i understand that Milo is useful tactically. he confuses the hell out of the Left. and he can say and do things ( because JewFaggot ) that would get any normal White Gentile crucified.

    but i have no particular attachment too him.

    I just don't see the attraction of right wingers to him

    it's useful to draw the distinction between "right wing" and "conservative".

    hell, we've already got fucking retards ( Cucktards? ) like Betsy Devos DEFENDING queers in the girls bathrooms.

    "Conservatives" might be useful on occasion to the Right. but they will just as often prove useful to the Left.

    and mistaking them as allies of the Right is a good way to get ourselves stabbed in the back.

    RL Dabney was right.

    1. RL Dabney was right.

      Absolutely, and it's hard to figure out what labels to use -- by which I mean, how to speak about connected groups -- these days, because conservatives conserve nothing.

      alt-right doesn't hate and distinguish themselves from conservatives because they disagree with conservatives so much as because they think conservatives are pussies. OIW, it's about tactics. Except that it has to become about issues because conservatives in 5 years will be defending pedophilia - they always get around to conserving the left's issues as soon as they grow comfortable with them.

      So I cannot be conservative because no one knows what the hell that will mean in 20 minutes.

      And I can't be alt-right because no one knows what the hell that means now except not being a cuck.

      and I cannot be a reactionary because I'm not reacting at all - gay marriage is no more marriage than a sea lion is a lion, and it's that way whether everyone or no one believes it. I'm only opposed to it because someone invented it and is trying to push it on normality.

      So while I'm hard right or right wing, I suppose, it's impossible to say without someone saying, so you're ultra-conservative? Yeah, like those ultra-conservatives who defend the current minimum wage, after fighting against it, while again insisting that any increase will kill us all? No, not like that at all.

    2. i draw a distinction between colloquial and real definitions.

      you have someone like John C. Wright who ( in spite of how erudite he is ) continues to refer to himself as 'conservative' in spite of all the evidence.

      childhood conditioning is amazingly effective.

      we may debate what 'Right' means, but i think that there are some fairly obvious philosophical positions:

      Left vs Right
      Internationalist vs Nationalist <<< the only aspect of Fascism which is 'Rightist'
      Democracy vs Representative Republic vs Aristocracy / Monarchy
      Communal ownership of production vs Free Market
      communal responsibility / guilt vs individual responsibility

  5. Regarding planting now. There is a reason all those old stone age agricultural cultures had something like Stonehenge. They couldn't risk wasting their seed by planting too soon, in years like this one that try to trick us with 60-degree weather in February. Plant-freeze-plant-freeze-oops I'm out of seed. Now we starve.

    So they kept track of the equinoxes so they'd know when it was really late enough to plant.

    It's nice to live in times with feed-and-seed stores!

  6. Ah, the Feast if St. Dagobert. I remember those conversations well...that and the gnarly leg wound saint. Or are they one and the same? (sigh) the good ol days.

    1. The patron saint of gnarly leg wounds would be St. Peregrine. A jolly holiday as well.

  7. Re your parting shot about the Slavs. In the US, 'white' is now lowest common denominator. I can often tell a Swede from a German from a Brit by facial features, but certainly not always. All us white folks are just sorta blanded together. Generic. A hundred years ago it wasn't so. Irish were bad, and Italians were even worse. In Ben Franklin's time, the big worry was the germanification of America.

  8. My grass and trees were a beautiful shade of frost/ice this morning. How's the seedlings?

    1. Not sure on the lettuce, that may need a do-over. Everything else is safely underground. Well, except for the HR, the oregano, garlic, elephant garlic, thyme... but they came up on their own.

  9. The Western Hemisphere seems to be in a state of permanent invasion. I attribute this mainly to the modern state of rapid, safe transportation. It wasn't always so, however.

    I lost a lot of respect for Vox when his blog slowly morphed into a safe space for nativist backlash. I find that precious, especially since he opted to leave one of the richest countries in the world for... Italy.

    That said, I don't begrudge a country, especially my own, for wanting to stop its rowdy neighbors from barging in and stealing their shit.