Thursday, March 30, 2017

He will be barely missed

Classy to the end
Following a brief but courageous bout with his calendar, Dick Charleston is no more. An early combatant in the Great Meme War, he served a tour as Colonel of GamerGate, defending the honor of KFC, which was inexcusably blocked by the infamous Literally Blue GamerGate block bot.

During the late Washington Campaign, Charleston was blocked by scores of termagants, beldams, slatterns, even an occasional harridan. However, he has decided the garden must come before the triggering of feminist writers and members of the religious left. May his memes never grow salty.


  1. Eh, I lost track of your Twitter Id's after whoever followed Sam the Shiv Adams. Why delete instead of leaving the archive up?

  2. IIRC it was Virginia is for Jill, a shill account to promote your favorite communist at the expense of the Lizard Queen. That didn't last long, if only because she was such an idiot that I could not even pretend to take her seriously.

    I never really had an archive. Because I always considered Twitter to be "in the now", I used an app to delete tweets older than 14 days. So I had maybe 3-500 existing at any given time. They'd all be gone by mid-April anyway.

    But part of it is my personality. I can be a bit obsessive*. If Dick is just waiting idly, he calls out to be used. If I give him a proper burial, I don't give him a second thought.

    Never was one to believe in ghosts, so much.

    * I hear you saying, "No way!

  3. After doing gab for a bit, I actually have some idea what you are talking about. Doom is Doom, though, I never altered or played that game. I think I understand it, if not all the reasons. Then again, there are more reasons than people.

    All good. I dropped gab a bit back. It seems mostly a meme contest event. Not sure anyone takes anything serious. A lot of spoilers and gamers. Some joker was supposedly all about, what? pizzagate? Right. But then came out as a jackson fan. *scrub*

    Oh, I'm hoping to get into my first raised bed (for raspberries... 12" or 6", if you were doing it?), rhubarb, asparagus... hmm... might even see about horseradish. Oh, and just maybe a raised box for flowers up front. Plus a starter on composting and worm ranching. Depends on what is available, time, energy, and money... but... some good part of that it is hoped. Oh... what height would you do for flowers? Obviously, height makes a huge difference in cost, if not so much in total cost, all else being equal. I think. Bleh.

  4. My raspberries started in a 6" high bed but they ignored its boundaries so blatantly that I repurposed the bricks for the potato gsrden. Right now some reside on a mound of manure and others just run the fence. So I'm not sure it matters once you find a compatible strain.

    On flowers, the bed height will probably be based more on your comfort than theirs. 6 inches is plenty for good drainage, but might be hard on your knees. Mine are mostly 12-18", not because of necessity but convenience.

    1. Super! The raspberries are runners from the neighbor, so done and done. And for the flowers? Cool. This means I can get these in, plus a 4x4 bed or two. Yeah, I want a few, just to tickle with them. May not go all raised beds. If they really help, may go mostly that way. I do want the 4x4's to be 12", more for my back and general ease, if at cost, of working them for me. Thank you much.

    2. Small plot for flowers, so I'm thinking more concern about drainage than knees. I just noticed the 18" thing. Wow would that be pricey. But I could do 12" starts, and add 6" if more seems reasonable this fall or next spring.

      I am, finally, giving it a go.

  5. I'll miss him. Best thing on my Twitter feed--{{Sigh}}