Saturday, April 8, 2017

Redoubling the preps

Canning season has opened early at Rancho d'El Borak. Because reasons.


  1. Rancho d'El Borak must be in the southern hemisphere. Here in Soggyville on the left coast it's not even time to plant those tomatoes.

    Is this, like, "Teasin' Season?"

  2. It's cleaning out the freezin' season. Because I closed up shop before the last of the tomatoes were harvested last fall, I had a few gallons of November tomatoes in the deep freeze.

    I also found a few quarts of leftover raspberries. So tonight I'm going to try to make a raspberry jelly* with the rest. We'll see if I can get enough juice for a whole batch. I'm not real confident on that score...

    * the kids fuss about all the seeds in the raspberry jam.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of CZ. All I've been canning is salt. Several types, and sugar actually too. :p It's something. My next trick with those is to vacuum seal and then create earthquake resistant cases for them, or such. Nothing is bullet proof, in the short or long run, but... it can be bullet resistant? (All notions fail in absolutes, just generalized notions mind you.)

    Ah... but... that's cool. I did not know you could can from frozen. That... opens up a lot of doors, maybe. Awesome. Yeah, took a bit for that to tick over. I never said I was brilliant. Good luck with the jelly.

  4. I always freeze my tomatoes before I can them, even if I'm canning them 'fresh'. That way I get to skip the painful 'scalding and peeling' step.

    If you freeze the tomatoes and then let them thaw until the skin is thawed but the inside still frozen, you can peel and dice them easily and without getting juice all over the place.

    1. Awesome! I wonder why my mother doesn't do that? To be honest, it may be because when she was learning they didn't have a freezer. Yeah, a bit of time, and being on the lower economic end of things. They would call them working poor today. Today is stupid. Anywhile... thanks for even more information.