Thursday, May 18, 2017



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    1. Pence will be POTUS, allegedly.

    2. Yes, we shall see. I do not expect Trump to be impeached, and certainly not removed even if he is impeached. The 25th Amendment removal talk is just as unlikely.

      But I do wonder how much of this hysteria Mr. Trump is going to put up with before he says, screw you guys I'm going home. He already seems to have given up on passing any legislation and making Mexico pay for it.

      Before he was elected, I told son Lupus that I expected him to grow bored with the office within 6 months, once it became obvious that the Federal government does not run like a subchapter S corporation and that he was not really going to be able to change anything.

      Well, I'm certain he's not bored, but he's probably also wondering if he wants to spend 4 of his few remaining years doing this everyday.