Thursday, June 1, 2017

Missing Link


  1. We could employ science. The consensus seems to be that terror is caused by man-made global warming... which is impacting the temps on surrounding planets as well. Gotta love a good dose of science-as-politics burger!

  2. It is well known that certain groups of people from inland regions and areas of sand which is not beach, pig out on shellfish. Also well known is that shellfish harvested in recent years in the Pacific Ocean have glowing green blood as a result of the nuclear meltdown in Japan. The gobs of glowing green stuff play havoc on the central nervous system of some of these people, causing their eyes to enlarge and sometimes even explode. You'd be angry, too. Well then, what to do? They can't feel satisfied with simply shaking their fists in the general direction of Japan, or for that matter, toward Mother Nature. No. They want to be heard... to have an impact. Placards and banners, and marching arm-in-arm are old school tactics. The new era brings heightened strategies. Some call it terror. Perhaps it is Terminal Indigestion.

  3. I wonder if anyone is starting a pool on whether ISIS will bomb Ariana Grande's benefit concert on the 4th.

    If so, it will be like a "Lucy holds the football for Charlie Brown" moment with more homicide.

    1. Well, there was another (series) of bombings in the UK on the 4th. Shit.