Friday, June 2, 2017

Muh death threats

Trump bullying Kathy Griffin
A crybully has them:
Kathy Griffin accused President Donald Trump and his family of launching a campaign to destroy her life in response to the image she posted earlier this week in which she appeared to be holding the commander-in-chief's severed head. 
The comedian* broke down in tears as she detailed the torrent of abuse she has been receiving online, and the constant death threats which she described as detailed and specific**...
Later in the interview Griffin said that her career was likely over now as a result of this incident, and that President Trump had 'broke' her, moments after she declared: 'There's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!'
Is there a name for that judo move in which SJWs effortlessly turn from brave, edgy warriors speaking truth to power into helpless victims of Muh Patriarchy? We've seen it now more times than the Stone Cold Stunner and every time it's pulled off flawlessly.

Well, almost every time.  In this case, it appears that Little Miss Victimhood might have really stepped in it -- she's been fired from a couple shows, lost an endorsement or two, and even Al Franken doesn't want to be seen with her. And if you're an embarrassment to Al Franken...

She is even muttering that her career is likely over.  We can hope, though I doubt that's the case. There always seems to be plenty of room for bitter, liberal harridans on TV. I would not be surprised to see her show up on ESPN as a hockey analyst in 18 months or so.

Wait, yes I would. But only because I don't watch ESPN.

* You keep using that word...
** but alas not effective. Whence do all these incompetent would-be killers arise?


  1. Correct me if I'm missing something--but isn't holding up a severed head--even just a picture of one--a death threat? So shouldn't the Secret Service put her under arrest for threat against the POTUS?

    Oh, wait, she's a liberal woman--though white which deducts points from her overall score (does she have a religion?)so maybe she falls in the category of no need to follow the laws because they don't apply to her.....

  2. * You keep using that word...

    i watched a Kathy Griffin special one time. do you know what her "humor" consists of? telling gossip about all the awful people she knows. there's no setup, there's no punchline, there's never any payoff. there's just, "Isn't so and so disgusting / awful / deplorable / etc?"

    sorry Kathy, that's not a comedy routine.

    being a bulimic who was molested by her brother isn't a comedy routine.

    being a fag hag isn't a comedy routine.

    making threats to kill / encouraging others to murder the President isn't a comedy routine.

    screwing billionaires isn't a comedy routine.

    but if you happen to wind up getting your head chopped off some day? now THAT'S going to be pretty damn amusing.

    IF she REALLY devotes herself to her craft she just MIGHT finally make somebody snicker.

  3. There are a few comedians, all female, who manage to make a living not being funny. Good work if you can get it, I suppose.

  4. A female comedian? Oh, that's funny, just not at all in the way she wanted it. She planted a bomb in her own temple of dreams, and it just went off. Everyone, as usual, is laughing but her. Well, laughing off to stage right. Stage left is who is sending death threats. I love it when they eat their own. It seems there is, finally, a step too far. Finally.

  5. Replies
    1. That's some handle, Bob. Did you go European, old school, or... what? And... are you indicating you are (((Jewish))), or just pulling, or putting in, a rabbit in a hat? Don't hate the... messenger? Curious, you know.

    2. if you remember, a while back i was "ich bin ein Fuhrer Auf die Alt-Retard".

      well, the obvious prerequisite to being a leader of the Alt-Retard is to be of the ((( Tribe ))).

      it's all good though.

      i'm eventually going to have surgery to transition to a Kekistani with a fully functional Pepe-star.

  6. Regarding her (lack of) religion, Griffin's an atheist. She was outspoken about it when the New Atheists were a thing

    1. Figured. But it's bad to assume.

      Never heard of her till yesterday when she was in tears and ElB was expounding.

  7. Oh, wait, she's a liberal woman

    Would that she were

    Is there a name for that judo mov

    It's called the LiarThrow...

    For my bro out in God's country:
    (was working on some guitar and figured what the ...)