Monday, August 4, 2014

Apple Day

Plus some peaches and a cantaloupe
I feel less bad about the fledgling Granny Smith that got eaten by bunnies now that one in the orchard is really producing. So it looks like apple pies and canned apple pie filling this week. Plus, from the reds, lots and lots of applesauce, cider, and maybe some apple wine (which I have never made before) if I can round up a couple of glass gallon jugs.*

But it was quite instructive to note the difference that a few codling moth traps made. The Granny didn't have any traps in it and I would guess that about half of the apples had some damage. Minor damage to be sure, but still enough to notice.  On the other hand, the tree with those reds was right next to it and holds two quart-size traps that are literally filled to the top with dozens and maybe even hundreds of dead moths.  And I would guess that maybe one apple in five from that tree had damage.  The difference - not just between the trees but between last year and this year - is astonishing.

Next year, codling moth traps go in even before the blooms come out.  I just hope I can still get bananas for the traps.

* OTOH after looking at a couple recipes, good grief.  15 lbs of apples needs 8 lbs of sugar.  Maybe I'll just stick with cider.

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