Friday, May 22, 2015

So far, so good

That's one use for old street brick.
I'm surprisingly pleased thus far with the new and improved cuke ladder. While there are no actual cukes as of yet, hope springs eternal*.  Because the last 3 weeks have been 2 days of rain followed by a few days of sun followed again by rain**, everything has taken off, especially the cukes, radishes, beets, nasturtiums, marigolds, dill, tarragon, and whatever else I planted in this bed.  Weeds are there, but minimal, and I expect they'll be manageable in part because of the sheer amount of stuff I've planted here. But that all happened last year as well.

What's different with this cuke bed is that these cukes seem to like the idea of a ladder.  Unlike the prior version, in which the plants had to navigate some rather small holes in the fencing, this one just allows them to climb straight up. Which they are doing with alacrity.  I've taken the liberty of attaching the tops to the fence with some loose plastic clamps I found on ebay, but they seem to be anchoring themselves just fine.

I'm not sure how I'm going to keep them from smothering everything underneath without trimming off their leaves for a couple feet. Nor have I any inclination to do so. With this bed I'm not looking for nasturtium production, I can move the tarragon, and the radishes and beets, well, I've got more elsewhere. So grow, little gherkins, grow.  And to pickles with the lot of you!

* I have this great idea for growing potatoes in a 55-gallon barrel...
** Tomorrow, being Saturday, is a day of rain.


  1. I'm sort of a bit jealous. I decided not to grow a garden this year. We are in the middle of a small drought, or were. We have had rain every day for the last two, maybe three weeks. Not enough to drown anything, but perfect for gardening... and water resupply (if I still suspect that much of it is being sold to Cali, somehow).

    I am growing sprouts! :p Tomorrow, if the sun is up, they will get that. Pickling eggs is planned. A great way to store eggs, and get your supply of vinegar. Still, you can have the weeds and fuss. I've got other fish to fry this year. I'll just watch, and be jealous, then go for a hike. Good luck.

  2. What are your thoughts on the Three Sisters?