Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The problems with Greater Appalacia

are two:

1) It's militarily indefensible
2) Not controlling the lower Mississippi or another ocean port, it has no way to get its product out.

This 'nations' map from Tuft's Magazine should look familiar to long-time readers, and I do like the county-by-county approach even though that makes it less useful for positing what USA v3.0 might look like*. But as a map of cultures it's still misleading: the differences between Dearborn, Detroit, and Houghton, Michigan, are far greater than between the Tidelands and the Deep South or between Yankeedom and The Midlands. We have a whole slew of what might be called "microcultures," many too small to map, but even more distinguishing than the differences noted above.

They loom larger as well, because we no longer expect there to arise any synthesis between them and the macro culture.** That's an unavoidable byproduct of our modern, multicultural ideology. A century ago, the ideology of the day was that every day and in every way we're getting more and more American, even as what it meant to be an American changed over time. That's simply not the case any more except among immigrant populations, and only a small minority of them. Modern American multiculturalists certainly don't expect Salvadoran or Sardinian immigrants to celebrate Flag Day or even to learn English.

For obvious reasons, such an approach results in growing numbers of microcultures increasingly isolated from the surrounding majority. But if culture is important, then multiculturalism is necessarily a devolutionary and destructive ideology because it's impossible for people of very different cultures to live peacefully together over the long term.*** So we can look forward to a future of increasing cultural isolation and occasionally violent struggle, with the map growing more and more granular.

Still, such a change doesn't mean 4GW sits upon our doorstep.  If Mr. Lind is to be believed, the necessary and sufficient cause we are missing is something to replace America as our collective primary loyalty.  In the Middle East and North Africa, Islam and its various divisions demand primary loyalty.  But neither denomination**** nor states nor regions nor races***** are in any such position here.

Not yet anyway. I've long been of the opinion that no such thing will happen so long as the dollar retains any semblance of value. After all, a fed and entertained population is not one longing to go to war with itself. So at least for the medium term, we'll muddle along hating those Yanks or Rebs or granolas just as we have always done.

We just won't secretly hope they get their stuff together and join the rest of us real Americans.

UPDATE: Along those lines, an interesting aside from Vox regarding Greece: [the elites] had better remember that their whole plan depends upon keeping the masses fat and happy. This is absolutely true: there is no population so radicalized as a newly-impoverished, hopeless one. Once mass poverty arrives on our shores and it becomes obvious that the government can't or won't fix it, all bets are off.

* We are on v2.35 presently, but it's a bit buggy and is still based on 1860s-era technology.
** As crappy as it is. But that's a separate issue altogether.
*** Well, maybe it's not impossible, it's just never happened.
**** As 5 Boys' Mom points out, Baptists are not even content to remain Baptist. They are pretty unlikely to start suicide bombing Catholic churches.
***** There's plenty of flag-stomping and "America is racist" crap being tossed about, to be sure. But it's a tantrum, not a change in primary loyalty. #BaltimoreRiot marchers don't want to leave America, they want America to give them something.


  1. The US portion is kinda similar to the map I sent you a few months ago. Whenever the US as we know it ceases to exist, the new nation-states will look something like that.

    Who knows how or when. Maybe it starts with a defeat by China in Taiwan/Japan and replacement of the petrodollar. Some region decides to test whether fedgov can really keep them in against their will and finds out that the red-heeled army can't/won't. The dominoes start to fall and before you know it, there are 6-8 states where there used to be one. I see the disintegration of the US being parallel to that of the USSR in that the central government won't have the will or strength to hold it together.

  2. The US portion is kinda similar to the map I sent you a few months ago.

    Very similar. It's interesting to see how people coming from different directions all reach kinda similar maps. This one doesn't work as well as yours for future nations because New France and Yankeedom won't survive physical separation. They may be allied or not, but I doubt they'll share a government.

  3. El Norte will pull way more of Tejas than that.

  4. El Norte will also pull way more from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Utah than this map reflects.
    I'm also not entirely convinced that should a shake-down break-up occur that the dividing lines fall regionally. A doctrinaire Los Angeles liberal soccer mom is nearly indistinguishable from her NY, NY counterpart save for the accent and a different collection of petty banal insecurities.
    Yet each of those examples is 1,800 cultural light years away from the small-town rural mother of four who lives a couple of hours outside of either big city.

  5. Huck -

    You're right about the LA/NY soccer moms having more in common with each other than their neighbors, but geography isn't going to let them form a government together. Especially if we think there will be a weaker economy and limited energy supplies. The idea isn't that new polities will be 100% monolithic, but the dominant ethnic and political philosophies will be even more normative. There will still be minorities though, whether it's farmer's tied to their land or city folks who can't hack it in the country.

  6. "Well, maybe it's not impossible, it's just never happened." That's just funny.

    Any break up, however long lasting, for the reasons you have given, will be temporary. Further, take away a single tech... say "family planning", and the world changes quickly. One of the first things states/new state associations will remove, in order to remain viable. Only the fed, currently, can impose self-genocide while forcing immigration. They just haven't been able to enforce a ban on state to state emigration, which will be their falling.

    I'm just not a believer in the mix and match. Beside some areas not being defensible, or even having a means of production that will make it work, the real differences are mostly political. Ethnics don't have much of a chance, they can't get along. In the end, they hate each other, even within their ethnicity, more than they hate whites. Time will tell.