Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An (almost) fruitless endeavor

 Rogue hit the sauce a little early today
So anyway, this year's apple harvest was not off the charts.  It was actually on the chart, represented by that flat line right down near the bottom.  I picked a whole tree last night and received a single 5-gallon bucket of malformed, pockmarked apples for the effort, many of which had moths smugly lounging on them while I was picking. They are not pretty.

Even though the pears are not yet ripe (I was canning already during the second week of August last year) they are similarly anemic. I'm sure it's not just the fire blight, as this year we had very few blackberries or grapes, and no plums to speak of.  And ants ate both the strawberries.

Veggies met expectations, and I have a second planting of potatoes now coming up, along with a second batch of green beans. Herbs did better than I had hoped. But there will be no new jellies this fall* unless we hit a bulk sale on something**.

But I do wonder if the second plantings are even going to get going before the climate weather shuts them down.  61 degrees when I left for work this morning, supposed to be 62 tomorrow. Second week of August. Where is your global warming now?

* Which is really ok. Since last year was such a banner year, I have a couple mixed cases remaining.
** Something not jalapenos.  Of the 7 jars I made last year, I managed to give away one and have 6 remaining. It would need to be a really bad year before those got eaten, I suspect.


  1. ** Something not jalapenos. Of the 7 jars I made last year, I managed to give away one and have 6 remaining. It would need to be a really bad year before those got eaten, I suspect.

    And the sad thing is, it's still not opened and eaten either--even with the cream cheese sitting in the freezer ready to thaw and make good with the jalapeno jelly.

    Maybe you should consider siracca and selling to all the locals who seem to want to eradicate their taste buds.

  2. Pretty good here. Although I never suckered the tomatoes so I have a very impressive and expansive collection of vines, but fruit is slow in coming. I am expecting that the potatoes will be the size of my head, because it never got dry.

    fruit crop is a disaster, because I wasn't quick enough with the spray on the apples, and wasn't quick enough with the fencing on my new plum trees. Hopefully the deer left enough leaves that they will make the winter. The chickens ate my strawberries.

    But I think we could eat zuchini and green peppers every night.

    What is this second crop you speak of?

    Oh, and bonus, I hatched 10 out of 11 in the my new styrofoam incubator. #hotchicks

  3. I suckered the tomatoes, and they are a little thinner, but the branches grew out just as long. I'm not sure it made much of a difference all told.

    My peppers have been disappoint. Since I still have cases of jalapenos from last year, I decided to try these cool purple bell peppers I found in a catalog, not realizing until too late that they grow only to the size of a golf ball and about as chewy. Next year I'm going to do tons of different kinds of peppers, including cayennes, which I had really good luck with a few years back.

    Not sure I'll have to do jalapenos, though.