Sunday, August 30, 2015

Into the Valley of Death rode the 15%

Let's hope cooler heads prevail:
Now, Black America is surely as sickened by this horror outside Roanoke as was White America by the Charleston massacre.
But it is hard to see how and when we come together as a people. For racial crimes and race conflict have become “the story” that everyone seizes upon — since Ferguson in the summer of 2014. 
Pat Buchanan rightly notes that the press and both parties have an interest in firing up a race war: the press because it sells papers* and the parties to energize their various bases for the 2016 election.  But it only goes so far. Republicans want their law-and-order voters to vote, and have little worry they'll take the law into their own hands. Dems might want to scare blacks, but it's only to motivate them to vote, i.e. to work inside the system.

But a rising number of people are voicing a desire to step outside that system for a redress of grievances real or imagined. This bodes ill for America, especially as we enter an economic downturn so long and deep and transforming that it will radicalize nearly everyone. If such a war is incited in a newly-impoverished America, then we are simply going to have one, at least in certain areas. Best to move to an area where it is far less likely to take place.

I'm going to skip over why white Americans would call for such** if only because it's a less interesting question than why a group that makes up <15% of the national population would be willing to call the other 85% (or even just the white 70%) to war.

Over at Vox's, some opine that it's related to the alleged aggressiveness and short time preferences of blacks. But while both sound plausible on the surface, I suspect that the more barbaric/savage/uncivilized blacks are assumed to be, the less likely it is they would start a war with an enemy 5-6x their size. If you read the Roman historians, you'll find that they always faced barbarian hordes that outnumbered them. This is not just because the Romans wrote history to make themselves look good, but because barbarians never attacked unless they had an overwhelming numerical advantage.  Making blacks stumble into a race war because they are 21st century Cimbris doesn't hold much water.***

So then why do some blacks seems to act so irrationally, even going so far as to incite their weaker-minded brethren into blindsiding cops and reporters?  I think the answers are four, three rational and one irrational:

1.  They are posers.  A lot of what you see on the streets and in pulpits such as those of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakan is just showing off.  It's grasping attention by claiming that one is just a little more pure, a little more angry, a little more radical than one's competitors. The competitors are not in this case whites, but other blacks. They are doing it for money, for attention, for ego.

2. They trust whites to respect their rights.  This plays in a bit with #1.  Blacks who seemingly relish a race war trust that Whitey is not really going to go there.  When they taunt a line of white cops, they are certain that the cops are not going to open up on them with automatic rifles. When they get arrested, they are confident they'll be cycled right back to the streets within hours.  Even when protesting over the death of some black kid at the hands of cops, they know that cops are not going to do that to thousands. White America would not stand for it.

3. They are doing it to get stuff.  Since the current oppositional black culture was established 50 years ago, black acting up has been answered by whites paying them off. If saber-rattling always gives you what you want, why would you not occasionally do it? 

Those are the rational ones, even though they make plenty of noises that might seem irrational.  That said, there's also:

4. They are bad at math.  There are, I'll confess, a growing number that simply don't understand what 15% of x means.  They have never been to Kansas or Texas or California, places where you can drive for days and meet no one but whites and Hispanics.  They live in a city governed by black people, went to schools run by black people, and see no one but black people around, every day, on every corner.  The only white people they see are cops whom they fear and squirrely liberal metrosexuals**** whom they despise, and only those in small numbers. From their perspective, it looks like they have an overwhelming majority.

For these latter, inciting a race war is surely as irrational as it looks on the surface, for once it kicks off in earnest, as one black leader noted, yo ass is getting up in the truck.  It might be a good idea to visit the Cheyenne or Sac and Fox reservations to see what happens when Whitey really decides to go to war.

While I share Buchanan's hope that we blacks and whites and citizen Hispanics can come together as a people, I no longer think it's going to happen without a plausible external threat.  I noted before that once the Romans defeated their main rival, Carthage, they immediately turned inward and ripped themselves to shreds.  It was not the end of Rome, but it was the end of the Republic and of domestic tranquility. Waves of political bloodshed lasted nearly 200 years until Augustus crushed them without mercy, leading Rome into the Imperium.

America since the end of the USSR has hurtled itself down the same path, just much faster and with much, much more crazy.***** An all-out, unapologetic race war may or may not be the end of America, but it will surely be one act in the drama that transforms America into something unrecognizable altogether.

* It's a figure of speech.
** Most will say it's for the saving of Western Civilization or some such, as if the real danger to Western Civilization is poor blacks in Atlanta rather than white PhDs at Harvard. Others just don't like black people and would be perfectly happy if the whole lot moved to Liberia so they could go back to despising Slavs or the Irish.
*** One could argue that feral blacks do attack in overwhelming numbers, whether they are attacking a random guy on the street or a convenience store.  But that makes it less likely they will openly attack those superior in arms and numbers.
**** In their defense, I'm sure they wonder how, if most whites are like the latter, how whites ever managed to conquer anything.
***** Smackdown Hand of God sold separately.


  1. All true. I was thinking about all of this today. In addition to the reasons you mentioned, a race war is foolish for blacks for one simple reason: food. Without running numbers, the majority of blacks are concentrated in maybe a dozen urban areas, while most farms are owned by corporations and white folks. Restricting the food supply to cities would make the inevitable happen that much faster.

  2. I don't believe there is all that much thought given to these things. Those of the small percentage, who can think these things out, aren't even a part of the culture. They are socially excluded as being "too white". The ones who are willing to lead aren't really solid thinkers. No one needs to beat them, they do it to themselves. The only thing they have going for them is you. You believe they will not cross that line, after watching them to it again, and again, and again.

    I think you are wrong. The war isn't going to happen, it is happening. It is, of course, for the most part, one-sided. For my part, since most of those being murdered at this point believe in equality, or at least think they... or each other... should just take it because JUSTICE, I honestly don't care. Would that cop have protected me from a group of blacks? Or even himself? Did he ignore the danger because he wasn't "prejudiced"? That reporter was far from prejudice. That not being a good thing, necessarily. Prejudice has a purpose. In fact, I believe she tried to lament those poor beset blacks every chance she got. And felt herself superior for it. Good targets for the war, if you ask me. No loss as I count things.

    It'll work itself out. Means nothing to me. I will not get involved. When I am forced to be in a city, even at four to one odds, minorities keep to themselves. They are pretty sure I'll do whatever it takes to survive and that I am better at it. Even if disarmed, I think they understand that a real warrior is more likely to take their gun and kill them with it, than they are to shoot one. Africans fear white S.A. mercenaries in much the same way. It isn't even personal, at that point, it's just a matter of how the two parties do business.

  3. The war isn't going to happen, it is happening.

    So long as we are willing to use the word war as we use it in "war on drugs" or "war on obesity," then you are absolutely correct. But not if we use war to mean what the word really means.

    It's unfortunate that we Americans are so enamored of martial hyperbole that we use the same word for racially-motivated street violence and dropping nukes on Nagasaki. Like rape and racism and (as some hystericists would have it) genocide, the word war is one the edge of losing all meaning.

    Count me as a guy who (old-fashioned, I know) demand that words mean concrete things. When coordinated groups of armed men, acting under some type of authority, drive people out of an area or capture their resources or fight other groups of armed men, then it will be war. Angry individuals simply do not constitute war in any meaningful sense of the term, no matter how violent or barbaric their acts.

    I'm the first to admit that black-on-white murder is far more prevalent than the other way. And every one is an evil act and a tragedy rolled into one. But there is also something called 'statistical noise,' and these killings, just like the killings by cops, fall into that.

    According to the Council of Conservative Citizens, in 2014 there were 417 black-on-white murders in the US. 417. Yes, it's bad.

    It also works out to inter-racial murder committed by 1 of every 100,000 blacks on one of every 700,000 whites. 320 million people in America, 417 black-on-white murders, and most of which, they will admit, were domestic violence or committed during another criminal (i.e. robbery) act. Gangs in Los Angeles County, which result in more killings each year than all black on white murders nationwide, could perhaps be said to be at war. Blacks in Rhodesia are at war with whites, and maybe so in South Africa. But to say blacks in the US are at war with whites is akin to saying the West is a rape culture.

    Like I said, war may come. There's no good to be done by pretending it's here when it's not. When it is, there will be no denying, and worse, there'll be no going back.

  4. That said, might there be war? 100 times yes:

    HOUSTON, Texas – Armed Black Panther members marched in front of the Waller County jail and shouted, “You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

    If and when dozens of cops start turning up dead and then dozens of Panthers start turning up dead, it will be close to being on. When the first white politician is elected after saying "We need to do something about these niggers*", and black politicians celebrate literally chasing whites out of the cities**, it WILL be on. Not until.

    * Yes, he has to say the word, enunciate the word, unapologetically, and be elected anyway. Until 1950s Little Rock returns, war is simply another word for bingo
    ** literally here does not mean figuratively.

  5. As I remember it, there were fewer US casualties for many months of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, maybe even combined. If you find where the murders happened, restricting my region, and compare the numbers of combatants involved, that easily is more serious casualties in America.

    And given the failure to convict for even murder cases, last I heard running in the mid 60's percentile failure rate, higher in the cities (where these are more likely to occur), and failure to report even when it is known, and that rape is a form of war and blacks hugely lead that meter (against their own and all other races), I am calling your on your numbers... if I also doubt them outright. Our government and other elite orgs are outright lying to us about all of this, from how many illegal aliens live here to crime stats to... pick something, anything. It isn't even just on hot button issues. Between malfeasance, incompetence, corruption, cronyism, and the rest, they wouldn't know the truth if I gave it to them. Then again, millennials are just being sucked into government employment, and all they know is "feel facts". Reality hurts, literally hurts, them.