Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Garden

Mr. Charisma pulling up the radishes
You might notice that white glob on the far left beneath the original cuke ladder. That's shredded paper that I used as a mulch on a few of the raised beds.  It worked great.

As I mentioned before, I shred paper and thin cardboard* and then let it soak overnight in a bucket. In addition to adding it to the compost pile, I also tried using it as a  mulch directly around some of the bigger plants, like tomatoes.

It worked very well. The wet paper matted together and stayed matted even after it dried, so I didn't have paper blowing all over the yard.  But it let the rain through while keeping weeds from going the other direction. When I pulled it up, the bed beneath was crawling with the kinds of bugs you want in your soil.

Once I cleaned out the beds, I threw most of the half-rotted paper on the compost pile, while some I left on the beds to see what it will do over the winter and what it will look like in the spring.

Because Science.

*The thicker cardboard I'm using directly on the ground around/between these beds, as well as in a new, partially-shaded area on the north side of the house that's becoming a garden.