Sunday, May 22, 2016

So what do we save of Western Civilization anyway?

Greeks built this.
And sodomized little boys
One shortcoming of the various attempts to save Western civilization is a lack of specificity about what exactly it is that constitutes that civilization. IMO, the biggest problem with the White Nationalists is that, given Whitey a free reign in America, we are just as likely to end up with communism as we are capitalism, with monarchy as democracy, with totalitarianism as liberty.  Both sides of that coin were minted by Whitey and have been imposed by Whitey.* Whitey has piled up almost as many skulls as has Mao.

So if all we want is Whitey uncaged, we cannot really complain about whatever comes after. I'm more of the opinion that what comes after is a) more important, and b) less dependent on Whitey, than is commonly imagined.  Genetics might make culture, but the same genes provided the world with Hitler and Johann Sebastian Bach, and I very much prefer the latter to the former.

Since genes provide both, there must be something in addition that provides one rather than the other.  And it is that something in addition that I propose that the saver of Western civilization ought to focus on saving.  After all, it ought to be easier to preserve something that already exists than to invent something wholly new.  Western Civilization already exists.  So what must be save to ensure that is survives the end of the post-modern age?

I present the non-authoritative list of the things that need to be saved if Western culture is to be delivered safely into the hands of the survivors of this age. Once the SJWs are sent back to the slimy holes whence they crawled, once the fiat dollar is dead and its limitless debts defaulted and the oil peaked and the post-modern age stuffed headlong back into the wine-press of history, these are the things we need to concentrate on passing to those who follow us:

1) Christendom.  This one is obvious. Yeah, white people had democracy and republicanism before Christianity, but Christianity has been the major creative and civilizing force in Western Civilization for the past two millennia.  We may call the Romans civilized, but then we see the Colosseum - built to perfection and yet sodden with the blood of the weak, spilled to amuse the strong. Such civilization demands tempering if we are to survive it.

2) The rule of law. The Romans had it, the Greeks needed it.  And as much as some assert that there is no equality in nature***, the Western belief that no man is above the law is an acceptance of the equality of all men in a very real sense. It is in this sense that the American founders spoke.

3) Literacy. There is a reason American slaves were legally forbidden from learning to read - knowledge is liberating and empowering, and the scriptures are protective. The theological disagreements of Christians that arise from too much literacy are a small price to pay to avoid a uniformity of ignorance.

4) The nobility of work. The difference between the riches of Bavaria and the poverty of Ethiopia did not arise because Europe is more fertile but because it has historically valued the work of men. Ethiopia is filled with young men who drink beer all day.  Bavaria has been filled for centuries with men who brewed beer all day. One grows rich.

5) Savings.  Keynes will pass away because he must.  And the fact will remain that wealth is the difference between what a man creates and what he consumes. A wealthy nation becomes so by producing more than it consumes over time. Science, leisure, exploration, all of these things are available only when a society moves past 'living for today' by saving. 

6) Marriage. The bedrock perhaps. Western civilization, whether pagan or Christian, has been built on a foundation of monogamous, heterosexual marriage. And the fact that one man and one woman are joined has predictable effects*****. Those effects are civil and civilizing.

I would opine if we can save those half-dozen things, Western Civilization is in no danger at all. And if we cannot save them, then all the hashtags, racial purges, and even genocides in the world are not going to do the survivors a bit of good.

We could surely add a few others (e.g. property rights, patriarchy), for Western Civilization is almost infinitely faceted. So what else did I miss?

* Perhaps the main complaint I have against #WhiteGenocide hashtaggers is not that they want whites to have a tribal identity**, but that they seem to have an almost romantic vision of white people. Having done foster care for a dozen years or so, it's not a vision I share.
** Hey, if there's a black student union, there's no reason there can't be a white student union.  If one demands equality, he ought to get it, straight down the pike with all the unintended consequences he cannot imagine. If one demands segregation, the same applies. What cannot be granted is the benefits of equality alongside the moral authority of the oppressed.  A man must choose which he desires most.
*** "The cheap anti-democrat of to-day will tell you solemnly that there is no equality in nature. He is right, but he does not see the logical addendum. There is no equality in nature; also there is no inequality in nature. Inequality, as much as equality, implies a standard of value. To read aristocracy into the anarchy of animals is just as sentimental as to read democracy into it." -- GK Chesterton
**** Hordes of horny Arabs, historically denied marriage because of polygamy among their richest men, create a different village square altogether.


  1. 7. Foundation Myth

    Rome had Romulus and Remus, the Russians had breaking the Tatar Yoke, etc. The US had one, but it's been weakened due to Dead White Male involvement. I don't know whether it can be recovered, or if there will be a new one in post-SJW America.

    1. Good catch. I wonder if the end result will be George Washington, Adam and Eve, or something wholly new. The last is the one that concerns me most.

  2. The Seductress of the Swamp, her arm clad in the purest shimmering Alcantara held aloft the voting machine from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Trump, was to carry the USA. THAT is why I am your king.

  3. Western Civilization already exists

    I grow less and less certain of this every day.

  4. Somebody has to do it

    Listen, strange women lyin' in swamps distributin' voting machines is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses as delimited by the constitution, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some mossy tart handed a machine to you.

  5. As a non-whitey (if a skin look-alike... high yellow for my kind, baby!), I think you are bunk harsh on "whitey". If you wish to piss in your soup, then enjoy the suffering, so be it. I don't think God approves. While I also do not bow at white man's feet, I also notice he has been the only one to... make any real attempt at those things you discuss as worth saving.

    As to your list. Good. For a start. But lists are like pictures. Have you ever seen a picture of your mother when she is ill, fat, or... just... see plainly. Or the picture of a wife, a pet, a child? It doesn't... convey... enough? Lists are like that. Marriage, for example? Seems so simple. And, yet, for probably most now, it's not. Each of those items you list, and many that you miss... Caricatures of the real thing. Yeah, I can't blame you for reality though innit?

    Freedom, or as close to it as possible. That means a small government that, generally, is too weak to do much. It is supposed to be a servant. While servants are masters, there is a nuance for a true servant and their capacity to be a master. I tell you, it is far better to be a righteous slave than even a righteous master. Though resignation, at times, is the way of it. If, too, Christ says to go to Him from where you are, not where you wish to be. Hard, the truth.

    Rile me, you do. From time to time. You get so close, then drop the ball. I think the white-guilt is strong with you, lad. No worries, I piss off Vox and kick the ball in his face too, if I think that's the call for the play. He might be an injun, but's he's only from one of the first nations. I am from two. And two of the old. Bah!

    1. Hard on Whitey? Perhaps, but a) only to those folk who see Whitey as the beautiful German girl in traditional dress and not the tattooed land beast riding the cart at Walmart
      I say if you want the traditional girl, the tradition is critical. Whitey can be either.

  6. Good one. Tradition (Biblical tradition) is always worth fighting for.

    I've been reading on Rome, Byzantium, etc. How did they hold on to the illusion so long? And what will our dissolution look like? Hmmm